Sugarluxe, as an artistic lifestyle brand, is quite simply, the personification of confidence and kindness.

Chandra Michaels | SUGARLUXE

With work that's now adapted, bought, sold, licensed and distributed the world over, I am finally at a point where it might be useful to retrace my steps.  How did I get here?  My hope is that I will some day pave the way for more artists to make a living doing what they love.  So, maybe it will all be worth it. Here's where it begins. In my dreams, I live in the land of Sugarluxe. Where I am the newly crowned ruler of pop art and perpetuator of modern day pin ups.  I do cartwheels on the catwalk and sip martinis by the moonlight.  My kisses taste like cotton candy and everywhere I go, people are appreciative, sweet and sincere. In the real world, I am Chandra Michaels.  Artist, Illustrator and Entrepreneur.  I work excessively long hours and have sacrificed EVERYTHING in hopes of achieving my dream.  I love Las Vegas, I can't go for one day without dill pickles and I don't like mean people.