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BEACH HEAVEN Buy Bactrim Without Prescription,   

Summer is almost over. But I never stop day dreaming about tropical vacations.  Sunshine and swaying palm trees provide me peace of mind.  

But beneath the vibrant surface in this latest piece, lies something so sorrowful.  It was made with ten million tears.  

Coming into creation at a point that I now, Bactrim no prescription, only half jokingly, Bactrim reviews, refer to as my Blue Period; this beautiful bikini clad girl sips an ice cold martini along side her favorite one-legged pink flamingo...incredibly saddened by the fact that she's even ALLOWED to drink that martini.  

Sure, she can still rock a grass skirt as well as girls half her age...but she'd much rather be round in the belly, craving more pickles, Bactrim pharmacy, avoiding alcohol like the plague, Bactrim description, and waiting impatiently to welcome her very first baby.  

But she is not.  

That baby is in beach heaven right now looking down on his mama and waiting excitedly for the day they get to build big sandcastles together in the sky.  


Despite working like a maniac (my coping mechanism) - I had to take a break from this blog.   

It's so personal and even still, a bit gut wrenching to actually talk about my miscarriage.  But I've worked my way through it.   

As an added bonus, I took my first (albeit mini) vacation since my honeymoon 7 years ago.  With the help of so many wonderful friends and fans (literally from around the world) - I came out of this situation filled with hope and ready to try again.  I am so grateful for you.  For all those who took the time to pray for me, canada, mexico, india, write to me, Bactrim blogs, share your stories, lend an ear, and let me cry - THANK YOU!   

True.  Time helps to heal wounds, is Bactrim addictive.  But getting to say THANK YOU to those who helped you through tough times also gives a sense of closure.  I always say that gratitude is the very cornerstone of leading a blessed life. 

The way I see's not that anyone is free from bad things happening or that some people's lives are more charmed, What is Bactrim, it's really in how we view our lives.  How fortunate we feel for what we have.  How much we make out of what we have left, not how much we've had taken away.  

Yet, I still have an old gaping wound.  Plenty of time has passed.  But I never got the chance to show my appreciation to the person who helped me survive another tragic moment in my life.  

And since I had my mini vacay this month, Bactrim class, it gave me some time to think.  Think about this person I need to thank.  A man I've never met before.   


Remember when I told you about that time years ago, Where can i cheapest Bactrim online, when I was struck by that hit and run driver?  Well...most people don't know that in addition to being thrown over a hundred yards into oncoming traffic in the middle of a busy downtown intersection, the driver who hit me also ripped my leg apart.  Have I said ripped apart before?  What I mean by saying ripped ripped OFF.   

Pulled my leg off of my body.  Not a clean cut, mind you;  torn the way some people tear the wings off a piping hot, Bactrim pictures, roasted chicken.  

And I laid in the street, Taking Bactrim, dying.  Bleeding to death.  Losing so much blood, I can only vaguely remember looking into the driver's eyes, before he climbed back into his white pick up truck and drove away.  

"STOP!"  I screamed.  Or did I?  Was it only in my head?  Could anyone hear me?   

So much noise and confusion.  I didn't know what was happening.  The painful burning sensation was exacerbated by this man kneeling over top of me.  He yelled, Bactrim steet value, "We're losing her!" Who was he?  What was he doing to my leg?   

Later, Buy no prescription Bactrim online, much later, I learned he was a Capital Metro Bus Driver.  He stopped his city bus.  Rushed to my side, and without a moment of hesitation, where can i buy cheapest Bactrim online, took off his tie to use as a tourniquet to stop the blood loss.   

Of course, Bactrim samples, I didn't realize any of this until the doctors shared it with me as they were wheeling me into the OR.  The plastic surgeon mentioned in passing that the folks on the scene were also smart and quick enough to find and put my foot on ice.  FOOT - ON - ICE.    

The surgeon was a specialist - called in to reattach my foot to the hundreds of dangling ligaments, nerve endings, and tendons.   

Stunned, order Bactrim online c.o.d, I had no idea. Bactrim for sale, But certainly the pain was the most excruciating thing I've ever experienced.  If you've never had a limb severed, let me save you the trouble.  It sucks.  Don't do it.

I had two transfusions that evening.  But if it weren't for the nimble, buying Bactrim online over the counter, selfless act of that AMAZING bus driver...I would not be here today.  He saved my life!  

And- I am so thankful for it.  So thankful for him.  Who was he?  What was his name?  

O, Ordering Bactrim online, LET THIS BE THE YEAR  

It's no secret that meeting Oprah is a DREAM of mine.  

Whether you've known me 15+ years or only just met've likely heard me talk about my shero, Oprah.  Yeah, yeah - I mingle with celebrities, order Bactrim no prescription, young and old, Bactrim duration, dated a few, and worked with many.  


Gratuitous pic, I know...but it's still one of my favs (and surprisingly nowhere on this blog, purchase Bactrim online, so there!)  

But none of these experiences will compare to the day I get to meet my girl, Buy Bactrim from mexico, O.  (wonder if she hates me calling her O?)  

Plus, you know I'm a positive who knows...maybe 2010 won't be such a bust after all.  

Because here's the deal:  

I've gone completely mad.  Today, I wrote to Oprah.  Like millions have done before me, Bactrim interactions, it may not sound like a big deal.  But for me, About Bactrim, it's huge.   

For years, I've had well-meaning friends say I should be on the Oprah show, that I should share my story (I've always thought in my head - um, where can i order Bactrim without prescription, who cares about my story?).   

And then when Sugarluxe arrived on the scene, Online buying Bactrim hcl, customers would write me saying that Oprah should feature my work (I've always thought in my head - um, why would Oprah care about my work?).    

Then when I went to Washington D.C. and fought to get a bill passed, Bactrim australia, uk, us, usa, and as one of three people testifying before the Senate in order to impact millions of people suffering exclusion from appropriate health care coverage, Australia, uk, us, usa, lobbyists on Capitol Hill said I should spread the word on Oprah (and I've always been like - um, okay, could you have please have the Senator make a call to Oprah and get me on the show?)  

[caption id="attachment_2728" align="alignnone" width="580" caption="My husband, Bactrim without a prescription, Bob and I, Kjøpe Bactrim på nett, köpa Bactrim online, Meeting in Congressman Ron Paul's Office in D.C."][/caption]

But the point is, I've never proactively made a move to get on the Oprah Show.  When it comes to being in the spotlight, I feel conspicuously nervous.  I'm not a spotlight kind of girl.  

So, Bactrim long term, when a friend of mine sent me a link this morning telling me that the Oprah Show is looking for people with incredible life saving stories, Cheap Bactrim, I suddenly felt a rush of hope, excitement, delight and determination.  

What I realized is this:  

I've always imagined meeting Oprah at a shindig, online buy Bactrim without a prescription, not being a guest on her show.  But when the opportunity presented itself to talk about how my life was SAVED and forever changed because of the selfless act of another human being - our mystery bus driver - I finally knew this was the time to reach out.  I'm the fortunate recipient of the most incredible kind of kindness and that is something I'm VERY comfortable being vocal about.  

So, I wrote in.  Immediately.  

Plus, the contact form is limited to 2000 characters, so I was quick and to the point.  Can you believe it?  Me?  Quick and to the point?   

I have always very much wanted to find this man.  I want to know who he is, I'd love to meet him.  Hug him.  And most importantly THANK HIM for saving my life.  I cry just thinking about it.  I've dreamt of that moment my entire adult life.  I need this more than anything.  Well, that.  And a baby.  But that's not a job for Oprah.  Or is it?  Hmmmm?  

No.  Anyway...  

I must, I tell you, absolutely MUST try to share this story on Oprah and give this man the attention, adulation, and appreciation he so whole-heartedly deserves.  I think the producers could find him, how could they not?  I've had no luck, but surely The O Team can do it?!  

And that, my friends, is where you come in.  


I know you're busy.  You have lives, kids (lucky) or 584 other things happening at once.  Do you really have time to help me out?  Probably not.  But I'm going to ask anyway.  

More importantly, I want to make it worth your while because it will be hard to do it without you.   

Here's what I think could help:  

Write in and briefly TELL Oprah why you'd like to see this story on her show.  

Maybe my work has inspired you?  Have we been lifelong friends?  Did I give you your first job?  Have I ever made a difference in your life (hopefully). Do you think my situation is worthy of being shared on national TV?  Whatever the reason, I am reaching out to all my creative, smart friends to ask for your help by writing to Oprah's producers.  

For this exact casting call, you write here.   

To reach the producers direct, you could write here.  

If we band together, anything is possible.

Are you in?  Will you do it?  What do ya say.

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35 Responses to “Buy Bactrim Without Prescription”
  1. ReganJ says:

    i love your story…have one similar myself when i was 12 years old…some mystery man gave me cpr and brought me back to life after a horrid car accident..i was still in coma for a little while but came out eventually…he saved my life and i never got to meet the guy…i only know he worked at or came out of the grocery store somewhere near me…

    • Chandra Michaels

      Hi Regan, WOW – that is really awesome and such synchronicity between us.

      Thank you for your comment…and for sharing your experience. No need then to write to Oprah about my experience. You need to share your story with her so we could be on the show together. That would be the coolest, huh?!

  2. Karen says:

    I will write to Oprah and tell her your story needs to be told. I was completely drawn to your work when I first saw it. Oh, I think your work GLORIOUSLY FABULOUS, girl…. (and well out of my meager range as a working actor, but deservedly so.) However, I always thought what was great about Oprah, is that the people you can look from the outside and say “Their life must be perfect. I’m sure they’ve led a charmed life”, you then find that, no, their life has not been charmed in the way you may think, they’ve just learned how to overcome whatever obstacles came their way.
    I did read about your miscarriage, and although I haven’t been through it, at least FIVE of my friends have over the course of the past two years (and a few more over the years prior) experienced it. But looking at your work, I figured you had some “special thing” some inner sparkle that would help you through, help you overcome. The strength, confidence and utter flyness of the women in your art tells a much deeper story of strength.
    But reading about the hit and run??? Well, don’t fear the spotlight this time, honey. Tell your story so when people look at your work, they know you can still find that sparkle, that swagger, that je ne sais quoi that lets people know no one and nothing can bring you down.

    • Chandra Michaels

      Karen – I confess, your comment is the first and only comment I read last night before leaving the studio. I couldn’t bring myself to stick around for fear that I might change my mind about making this public.

      But after reading what you wrote last night, I felt invigorated, optimistic, and so grateful that you took the time to tell me something so encouraging and deeply meaningful to me. It helped me more than I can say. Plus, it helped me to sleep instead of worrying all night! :)

      Thank you for imbuing me with your SEXY SWAGGER and CONFIDENCE. It put me on top of the world.

  3. steanson parks, jr.

    Once again, you have the honor of being one of the very few to leave me speechless; most would applaud you for shuttin’ me up.
    Give me a little time to form my words, and I’ll have something to say…to write that e-mail…that letter or submission…whatever we will call it.
    You may not know this, but I TOO remember that night…although I was 105 miles away in “that other” college town when I heard the news. I remember where I was; I remember being among strangers that didn’t understand how or why I felt so helpless.
    Now I’m rambling, this isn’t about me (why I need a while to collect my thoughts before I put pen to paper (okay, fingers to keyboard).
    You’ve been such an inspiration to me LONG before I knew you painted pretty pictures, as I’m certain you are and have been an inspiration to so many. YOU are why I push forward when I want to throw my hands up and quit, on so many levels.
    We’re going to see you on Oprah, and they will find your mysterious hero. It’s the nameless that truly are the heroes…the unsung.

    • Chandra Michaels

      14 and sitting in French Class on the very first day of high school, you are not aware or even able to comprehend that the cute, funny guy sitting next to you:

      Will be someone who becomes one of your greatest lifelong friends, a vocal advocate, the unshakeable shoulder to lean on, the person who will keep you laughing for years to come…I mean, it’s just unimaginable at 14…or even at 41, 51 or 91 – that life could be so good as to hand someone like me a person like you.

      Thank you for writing to Oprah’s Show Stean. For sharing the link, encouraging your friends, and for the five hundred zillion times you’ve promoted my work! BFFs forever. forever. FOREVER!

  4. Patty says:

    Of course your story must be told. It should be a clear choice for Oprah. I will submit something. How much time do I have? I want to think about it and make it something that really grabs her so I may need a few days to a week. I look forward to seeing the many submissions you get. I know your work and life and story have inspired many besides myself. I’m excited to see the results of your daring! Way to go!

    • Chandra Michaels

      Patty – if it weren’t for YOU, Sugarluxe would not be where it is today. Sure it’s been tough…and we were starving at the time, and you were working for next to nothing – and actually, sometimes really working for nothing.

      But your belief and support of me, in work, in life, in marriage, and throughout all my losses…as one of the few people who have really ever seen me cry (like bawling with snot coming out my nose kind of cry) – has helped to make me who I am.

      Every girl in this world deserves to get to have a friend like you.

      So, okay – to your question. I have no idea how long the producers keep an open call like this up. I’ve never done this, so don’t know. But please, please if you can find time, you are so incredibly smart and I know you have amazing power of persuasion! So, any time in the next 3-5 days would be FABULOUS! Love you so much!

  5. Shannon says:

    Chandra – you should know that you don’t have to bribe any of us with a prize to do this! May the “put Chandra on Oprah” challenge commence! I am writing my submission to the show tonight and will copy you as well! C’mon Sugarluxe Fans – if Facebook could put Betty White on SNL, we can get Chandra on Oprah!!!!

    • Chandra Michaels

      Shannon!! Oh Lordy – I just read your submission you sent me and it is so absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!! I could put a million more exclamation points to try to reinforce my wonder and awe of your sweetness…but I don’t want to be to obnoxious with my punctuation :)

      Beautiful, incredibly heartfelt and more than I could ever hope for. Your words and friendship inspire me. If every person in Canada is like you – I’m retiring there. Thank you my dear! and a BIG SUPER HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! ♥

      • Chandra Michaels

        P.S. I forgot to say how much I loved the Betty White on SNL comment! So true. Anything REALLY is possible!!

        • Shannon says:

          Aw, Chandra – Thank YOU for the birthday wishes! I really hoped that what I wrote would be ok with you (also from a factual point). Can’t wait to hear updates on this. It’s the last season of Oprah, so it’s go big or go home!

  6. Kevin Lyons says:

    Hi chandra, i woke up @ 1 am and instead of turning on the tv i decided to see what this new fangled phone could do…it turns out i can see facebook on it…and after reading your blog i now know what facebook is all about….and it aint the hokey pokey! Hee hee its about helping my dear friend. We will get you on that show and when you finally meet the man that saved your life i want you to give him a big thank you from me ! For keeping you on this earth and making my life better by knowing you! Now i need to come up with a really good ideal on what to write this oprah lady…..asta la night night…Kevin

    • Chandra Michaels

      Hi Kevin! Great to see you my old friend (not as in you’re old – but as in long time :)

      I’m so glad to know that after secretly reading my blog for awhile, that you are coming here to make a WONDERFUL public appearance. Hee hee. THANK YOU!

      Can you believe next month it will be 11, yes, 11 years since together we fought that first battle in this mission?

      So, a lot of people don’t realize the journey, the time it takes, the hard core pain that has consumed a great portion of my life. But you do. Because you’ve seen me go through it first hand. And the fact that you are still cheering me on after all this, makes me feel so lucky! THANK YOU so much!

      • Kevin Lyons says:

        Wow 11 years?? Maybe I am getting old…..ha ha It seems like just yesterday we were on the red carpet trying to lean out of the camera view…..or were we leaning in?? ha ha
        In other news I have enough miles to get you to the Oprah show! Or if she pays for your ticket you can use my miles to upgrade!! you can email me or….if I remembered my own phone number I could put it here…..hmmmmm more evidence of getting old!

        Asta la pasta

  7. tami says:

    I filled it out for you.What a remarkable story my friend! I truly care about you and I hope your dream comes true dollface! I met Oprah in Cleveland,Ohio and you can tell that she has a big heart.I pray that she receives my email and yours! You deserve a lil more shine and that awesome bus driver deserves an award! xoxo

    • Chandra Michaels

      Of course, my beautiful social butterfly friend Tami, would have ALREADY met Oprah! Lucky Duck! But hey, you rub elbows all the time with so many cool people that I need to find a way to harness your great connector energy.

      Have you ever read the Tipping Point Tami?

      It’s one of my all-time favorite books and the moment I met you, I knew you were one of those rare, gifted connector types.

      I’m so lucky that our business lives collided so that we could become such good friends. I so much adore you.

  8. Katharine says:

    I absolutely adore you, am inspired by you, touched by your raw emotions and sharing of your feelings, and am honored to call you a friend.

    • Chandra Michaels

      Oh my gosh – somedays I think about if you wouldn’t have applied for that job, or I wouldn’t have read your resume, or you wouldn’t have come in for that interview, or I wouldn’t have decided to hire you?

      My life would have been totally different had I never met you. You are smart as a whip, a lovely southern belle, tall (I only throw that in there out of complete jealousy) and have been such a loyal friend.

      I know you have so much going on with baby stuff galore, but if you have time, I’d love to have your super smart, witty and hopefully extremely effusive submission. I just know it would rock!!

  9. Deb DiSalvo

    You are an AMAZING woman! I am off to write in on your behalf. If anyone deserves this, you sure do. Love ya!

    • Chandra Michaels

      I so with all my heart feel the same way about you Deb.

      I’m not a keep score kind of person at all, but believe me when I say, I don’t ever forget the people who support me – every. step. of. the. way.

      And that’s been you. With all I do. It is something that I cherish, respect, and love so deeply that it’s difficult to ever find a way to express the magnitude of my appreciation. I hope you’ll share with me what you write. I will save it forever.

  10. Marisol says:

    Chandra, my dear!! Of course I will write! I want to make sure my words are crafted sweet and to the point. Oprah, here comes Chandra!

    • Chandra Michaels

      As you are one of the sharpest, quick witted, funniest women I’ve ever known, I would be THRILLED, I mean 10000 million percent, thrilled if you write in Marisol.

      Plus, you have beautiful hair! That has nothing to do with this, but for eternity, I will want THAT MAGNIFICENT HAIR OF YOURS!

      If you get a chance – thank you so much! Every single submission helps. We’ve since learned they vet candidates like crazy. They will be reading every word if the story piques their interest…so again…THANK YOU!

  11. Jewels says:

    I love you and you made me cry AGAIN. You are such an extraordinary, inspiring, amazing woman. I’m so glad you are back in my life. Even if we dont get to see each other much and talk a lot and even if it’s only through FB, just know you mean the world to me. Love Always! ~Jewels

    • Chandra Michaels

      Jewels – Whether it was when we were holding hands running through the park as kids, or waiting anxiously for the next opportunity to hug as big grown up girls…time will never take away the feeling of remembering what it’s like when you find your very first best friend. That’s you for me and my love is eternal.

  12. lauren

    “Did I give you your first job?” Why yes, yes you did :)

    How lucky I was to end up interning in that little attic studio years ago and meeting one of the great loves of my life in the process. Chandra, you are my constant inspiration and I cannot express how much I miss you.

    Of course I will write to Oprah! I’m pretty sure I would weep the entire episode (and you know I don’t cry often) due to all the happiness, sorrow, pride, and love I’d be feeling watching you tell you’re unbelievable story.

    You are one of a kind, truly beautiful in every sense of the word, and deserving of all the good life has to offer. I wish you luck with this campaign and can’t wait to geek out when I see you sitting on stage next to Miss O!

    • Chandra Michaels

      The moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were my Sugarluxe Incarnate. A walking, talking Sugarluxe Girl come to life. Since I was just starting out, I didn’t know what a real life Sugarluxe Girl would be like. But then I met you…and I knew.

      Exactly as I’d envisioned. Beautiful, curvaceous, and so alluring. But lets not forget, that’s only the candy coated surface. Beneath is intelligence, talent, drive, ambition, a sly sense of humor, the love of music, dancing, and all things artistic. I could have kept you all to myself forever and ever.

      But as all good mama birds do…we push our beautiful baby swans out of the nest. Have I mixed metaphors here? :)

      Anyway, I couldn’t be more proud of you. As much as I long to have you in the studio with me every single day…I want the world to know you for the incredible up and coming illustrator you are – You are truly my HELLCAT HONEY! Let’s dance in Chicago together after the Oprah Show!!!

  13. Jori says:

    2000 words seemed like an eternity until it wouldn’t let me submit. So I whittled it down. Still too long. And chopped it up some more. Guess what, still too much. When you finally get me talking, you can’t shut me up, can you? I love you Chandra and have just submitted my story for you. I couldn’t imagine this NOT happening for you.

    P.S. I just asked JT if he’d like to write something. He said he wanted to send you a sandwich. Not what I had in mind, but if you’re hungry, come on over and we’ll whip you up something. Bacos are in stock. You’re always welcome.

  14. the way you write is like having a conversation w/ a friend… you are so gifted, you should consider writing a book ( you know oprah loves a good book )

    im balling… and tropicana is prob one of my most favorite pieces ive seen you do… not just bc its so visually awesome but bc of the story you gave it w/ “beach heaven”

    out of the many famous ppl ive met: interviewing, hosting my tv show, going on auditions, and just random bump ins… you, yes all 80#s of you (most of which im sure are hair and boobs), you are my favorite… you have been so sweet and accepting and so full of life and compliments i cant imagine anything bad happening to you… i dont see how anyone could believe in karma after meeting you… you deserve so much more than you have and all the babies you could ever want, i feel your pain on longing for a child to be born (for obvious different reasons i cant conceive) but the end result is still the same…. im rambling and loosing my thought i think… but i dont think ive ever met someone as tiny as you w/ a heart of a giant… much love, much respect, forever your fan -jj

    • Chandra Michaels

      true confession Jennifer?

      Sometimes, it’s not just that I’m so busy I can’t comment. Sometimes, I’m just so blown away by what someone says that I can’t even figure out how to respond.

      There is no possible way I can give an equally matched, funny and charming reply. This is just too good. And it’s chock full of statements that will stay with me forever. Famous? 80 pounds? I just love you Jennifer Justice.

      From that very first moment you went to Z Gallerie and then ran around town trying to find my studio, I knew you were a girl after my own heart.

      Even though I know our challenges are very different, I’ve always felt so immediately connected to you because we both work so hard at making the best out of the situations we’ve been dealt.

      You do it through brilliant performances and I try through my art. Together we make one big beautiful pile of boobs and hair. And I love it.

  15. Eric Ottinger

    The truest heroes are the ones who go unsung. The ones who do “what anyone else would do”. The ones that don’t seek the spotlight but help another and move on to help someone else. Chandra Michaels experienced that help firsthand when an anonymous bus driver saved her life with quick thinking and a tourniquet made from his tie. He may have just been trying to help a fellow human being but he couldn’t know that by doing so he would be inspiring scores of people and enabling the launch and continued success of an entrepreneur’s dream. After much looking, she still has not found out who her hero was that day. Bring Chandra on your show so she can tell her story and inspire scores of others. Find her hero and surprise her by bringing him on the show so she can say thank you. Thank you for saving my life, allowing me to LIVE a dream and in turn inspire and help others.

  16. ChicGal

    Sweetie you know how much I would love to see you on Oprah! You inspire me and have made a difference in my life! I will work on my letter to Ms. O and get a copy to you. You are so deserving of this and much, much more.
    xoxo always! B

  17. Chandra Michaels

    It might take me a week or more to respond to everyone, because I like to give EACH person my undivided attention. If you submitted something to on my behalf, I’ve read it.

    Many have brought tears to my eyes, some made me laugh out loud, and above all, your supportive words will remain with me forever.

    Until I get a chance to show my appreciation personally – THANK YOU for helping me begin this new chapter!

    P.S. I’m still amazed by how many people write so well. It’s really intensely cool to get to read these stories. Not one is the same, but they are each so genuinely wonderful.

  18. Brittany says:

    Being on Oprah is so cool, but OMG I can’t believe you met Ron Paul. Im so freakin jealous :)

    <33333 Ron Paul 2012 <33333

    Liberty is sexy

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