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Inspire Modern Art in Contemporary Room by Sugarluxe

ARE YOU INSPIRED TO WIN? Buy Epogen Without Prescription, It's almost Valentine's Day! When you see this picture, do you have the urge to say BE MINE? Already one of the clear favorites of the A La Mode collection, I think I might be able to find someone who would love a FREE 40x36 inch Inspire gallery wrapped canvas.

But first, Order Epogen from United States pharmacy, in true Sugarluxe fashion, the story:


Years ago, I gutted my downstairs bathroom.  At the time I first bought my home, online buying Epogen, I was single, Epogen trusted pharmacy reviews, living alone and due to long hours at work, had no time or real reason to do another home improvement project.

Yet, canada, mexico, india, I couldn't wait for the weekend to arrive when I would rip off the outdated paper, Epogen no prescription, pull out the ugly vanity, and slather the walls with a red faux finish.

In my mind's eye...I knew the first time I saw this bathroom, australia, uk, us, usa, exactly what I wanted to do with it. Online buying Epogen, Unfortunately, never having torn out a sink before, I didn't anticipate that it would take with it, online Epogen without a prescription, huge chunks of the wall.  $%&#!  It was a complete disaster.

But large gaping holes, a dangling electrical box and no clue how to fix this mess were not reasons enough to stop me from realizing my vision, Buy Epogen Without Prescription. Online buying Epogen hcl, DESIGN INSPIRATION

My weekend job turned into a an entire year's worth of work.  After the chaos cleared, I put in a sleek white pedestal sink, a beautiful faucet with porcelain knobs, cheap Epogen, and only then, Buy Epogen from canada, began to paint.

Layering, rubbing, Epogen natural, and glazing for days, Herbal Epogen, I created a dimensional patina of rich velvety red.

Next, I paired vintage black die-cast outdoor lanterns as lighting over an ornate beveled mirror.  It turned out stunning. And finally the moment arrived for me to hang the art:  because after all, Epogen forum, it was a beloved framed print that had actually been the inspiration for the entire project in the first place. Order Epogen from United States pharmacy, The Inspire Artwork from the A La Mode Series, or at least the red, black and white color palette anway, Epogen wiki, was actually inspired by my remodel of this room years ago.  It hasn't changed since the day it was completed.  To me, Epogen alternatives,  it's timeless, kind of like your favorite little black dress.

IT'S UP TO YOU Buy Epogen Without Prescription, It's why, when I started to receive feedback on Facebook about which pieces of the collection people liked the most, I was pretty excited to see that so many felt a true affection for Inspire.

My work, Epogen mg, especially those emblazoned with a bold message, Epogen photos,  may never be analyzed by the majority of those who view it.  But perhaps you've taken it a step further and pondered. Who is she looking at. Is she seducing someone or is she watching her back?  Is she turning around to say one last goodbye?  That's up to you to decide, Epogen from canada.

But whatever the reason people are drawn to Inspire, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, it makes me happy that it connects with so many.

As such, it turns out, it's a piece that is in high demand.  From big gallery stretched canvases and small archival paper prints, to daily requests to make this artwork into designer card cases and our crystal compact has struck a chord and that just thrills me to no end, Buy Epogen Without Prescription.


In honor of Black History Month, plus with Valentine's Day and our 5th Anniversary at Sugarluxe quickly approaching, Epogen treatment, I've been planning a FUN GIVEAWAY for one lucky winner.  What I thought I'd do was make and give away a brand new Inspire Card Case, Epogen without a prescription, the very first one of its kind.

Pretty cool, huh, generic Epogen.

But then. Epogen steet value, Something happened yesterday that changed my whole direction.

A large AP Giclee Buy Epogen Without Prescription, of my original artwork, with its top quality pine wood stretcher bars and costly high end canvas, takes weeks to complete.

The very last step before we box it up and ship it out is to take a photo to document my signature and the number of the AP as proof of authenticity to file with the purchase order paper work.

However, Epogen over the counter, due to the dreary weather, Epogen pharmacy, we could not get enough light in the studio, and our photo lighting rig was in storage.  I always prefer natural light anyway as it brings out the truest colors, so the art scheduled for shipment yesterday needed to be shot outside, purchase Epogen for sale.

The first one we take out is Inspire.  At almost 10 square feet of material, Epogen cost, it is both large and lightweight.  And literally, within moments of stepping outside the studio door, the wind RIPPED the canvas from my hands and went flying across the parking lot, get Epogen.

I felt sick.  Not only was this going to create a delay for my client, Order Epogen no prescription, I was out money and time.  I was reminded of the day I pulled out the sink in my bathroom and sat dumbfounded as I stared at the unbelievably big hole in my wall.

But nowadays I know there's a reason for everything.  In fact, I even believe completed DIY projects around the home are great primers for small business owners, Buy Epogen Without Prescription. That kind of work:

  • Teaches you to expect the unexpected.

  • Prepares you for the investment of time.

  • Helps you to make the most of your budget.

  • Gives you the confidence that you CAN fix things.

Because in home improvement projects, as in business, where can i find Epogen online, things can and do go wrong.  But if you never mess things up, Epogen blogs, you never really learn how to make things right.

So, I had an idea.., Epogen without prescription.


The upper left hand corner is obviously damaged. Where to buy Epogen, The edge needs repainted on two sides, and one of the support bars on the back cracked in half and poked into, but thankfully not through, the front of the canvas (look near the stenciled letter S on the third pic). Buy Epogen Without Prescription, The biggest challenge will be to build up that gouged corner, followed by trying to get an exact match on the paint and the lacquer glaze protective coat. [nggallery id=1]

The first picture is just to give you some detail of the canvas...the next two show you the actual damage and what I will be working feverishly to repair.


So during the remainder of the month and somehow in between the mad rush of orders for Valentine's Day, I'm going to work to fix the canvas.  I want it to go to someone who really cares about the artwork.

I certainly know how to patch and paint.  I think I can do this.  I can make it - almost - like new again.  It will never be perfect, but I'm INSPIRED to give it my best.

And I have a feeling, that even though it has a few scars, someone will adore it more so for it having been saved.

——————————————————–  INCREASE YOUR CHANCES ——————————————————–

2 Entries - Use the Tweet This button below to retweet this blog link, Buy Epogen Without Prescription.

3 Entries - Comment here on the blog: why you love this art and want to win.

5 Entries - Has Sugarluxe inspired you. Write it on the main Sugarluxe Facebook Page wall.

10 Entries - For any order placed between 2/1/10 and 2/14/10 on

——————————————————  INSPIRE CANVAS GIVEAWAY —————————————————

With participation you can earn anywhere from 2 to a maximum of 20 entries into the drawing.  I truly look forward to fixing her up and giving her a loving home.


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24 Responses to “Buy Epogen Without Prescription”
  1. Michelle Houze says:

    I love your art work because it is whimsical and bright. It is the kind of art that you look at and smile, it makes you feel good. i also think that it is empowering for women…sexy strong images of women done by a beautiful and strong artist. Your art has a bit of sensuality to it, but nothing that makes you blush. The cartoon-like images make it ok, you know? I love Sugarluxe and plan to decorate my daughters first apartment in it…

    • Chandra Michaels

      That is so awesome to hear Michelle. I appreciate that kind of feedback so much. It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted to accomplish with my work and hearing that you think it’s hit the mark – mean’s EVERYTHING!

      HA – the Victoria’s Secret of the Art World. Sexy but subtle. And that’s always easier said than done.

  2. Sheena says:

    I love your work and look forward to a day it can hang in my house! I myself, am female, and I love the way you portray the female form. They are intriguing and enticing, and yet powerful and strong. I absolutely love them!

  3. ansley says:

    Chandra –
    You know how inspired I am by your art and especially by you!! It is such eye candy to sit back and just look at all the different pieces and how I can relate to almost every single one of them. Thank you for inspiring all of us women to be as beautiful as we can be…inside and out!

  4. K Elle

    OMG!! What a gift this is! I am such a fan! Very similar to my taste, Sugarluxe has a style that’s all its own – unprecedented, unique, powerful, and simply beautiful. Your designs embody a sense of lovliness and independence that shouts “we women can do anything!” I feel inspired when viewing your art – like the impossible, somehow becomes possible. Amazing work!

  5. Deb DiSalvo

    WOW…WOW…WOW – I am soooooooo excited about your give-away. I LOVE the Inspire piece! What a crazy story – I would’ve entered even if it was ripped in half – I LOVE it! You are amazing Chandra and never cease to amaze me. Of course I tweeted this. Now I’m off to your shop – maybe score me a few more bonus points!

  6. ChicGalleria

    OMG! Chandra I can’t imagine how your heart just sank when that happened! Darn Texas wind! You know I Tweeted this and will do it again several times. I will also leave a Facebook comment because you know how much YOU inspire me! The reason I would love to have this gorgeous canvas is 2 reasons. #1 it is the Chic Galleria magazine colors and #2 I had a dream that I completely redecorated my office around a large Sugarluxe canvas personally autographed by you to me. It’s a sign! I would LOVE to win this!!!!

  7. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! I was first drawn to your work through Soul Sista, whom I thought was a good depiction of myself…until I saw Inspire! I fell in LOVE!

    She is so beautiful! And she is indeed, INSPIRATIONAL. As a married mother of two and a designer/biz owner, I realize that I, in some ways inspire others. When I see Inspire, I see the way I’d like to be seen: a strong femininity, a humbled beauty, a quiet confidence. She looks over her shoulder in a “how ya like me now” sort of way, yet her eyes say “catch me if you can.” I simply adore her.

  8. Myesha says:

    I love your artwork because of the way that women are pictured. They are all very strong yet sexy, Your art shows the different faces that we all wear on a daily basis. I wold love to put this art in my home office. I also have two little girls with one on the way and would love for them to enjoy it as well

  9. Monique Fabris says:

    When I first looked at this beautiful piece of creativity, I saw someone looking back at their past and walking towards their future. I strongly believe in your words, that you can not learn from your mistakes, if you do not ever make them. I would not be the person I am today if I had not made the mistakes I have, and grown from them. Knowing that this piece of artwork has been altered & will never be exactly the same as it once was, makes it even more unique & appealing to me because it will still be absolutely gorgeous & the hard work and determination you put into fixing the damaged areas will shine through. It inspires me to keep pushing through the hardships of life and to keep having the determination to get to where I’m going because it will all be well-worth the fight (Even if it is only bringing a smile to someone else’s face).

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts along with this opportunity! I Love Love Love all of your work, you are truly talented….

    Good Luck to all the contestants’

  10. Laj (Lonnie Anietra Jordan) says:

    Well, I have definitely been a fan of chandra’s for awhile, I fell in love with soul sista at first glance, then I saw Inspire and then Believe. All I know is I am now in a profession where I personally inspire those who need it in their life. I am talking about being a teacher but not just any teacher a hair(cosmetology) instructor, so I inspire and encourage these students to let their creativity flow and take their skills to the highest peak. When I saw chandra’s Inspire, I immediately begged her to make a compact to go along with my soul sista. Inspire is beautiful and it comes to life right before your very eyes. I want to thank Chandra for making art for us women and adding some spunk but being feminine at the same time. I would love to win this art for when I move into my new place. I am looking for great pieces now and this would be a great start. Thank you Chandra, and keep Inspiring!!!

  11. Tami says:

    Love all your work and she is very special to me already! I would love to have her in my home because she shows great inspiration for alot of people. You are very diverse and it shows. My fingers are crossed!

  12. Shanique says:

    I love all your work. Everything you do just leaps off the canvas and makes a person want it. The colors always pop and just show tremendous style.

  13. I love your entire new series! Of course i’m a total SugarLuxe girl and love all your work and all the different SugarLuxe girls. I especially love this piece, “Inspire”. I think all women inspire others in both big and small ways and like the canvas even though we are all slightly damaged we can still be and do great things. YOU, Ms. Chandra Inspire me!

    Tiffany :)

  14. Larry Lourcey

    Your work is just incredible! I still wear my cufflinks all the time!

  15. Mary Irizarry says:

    Hola Chica!! HOw I love Sugarluxe art.. let me count the ways…
    I love the chicas, they are confident, powerful, sensual, beutiful, fabulous,sexy and the art pieces pull you in straight as soon as you look at the eyes. I love the art, but Inspire caught my attention because of the Hibiscus in her ear, which signifies to hispanics “Delicate beauty”, its the flower of my very dear Puerto Rico! The Inspire art piece is excatly that- a Delicate beauty. It draws you in. Its mesmerizing! :)

  16. Bernice Franklin says:

    I found this article useful in a paper I am writing at university. Hopefully, I get an A+ now!


    Bernice Franklin

  17. Renata says:

    I absolutely love your work and I am hoping to win this piece! I think it would be a great finishing touch to my new home. I work in child protective services and I always hope to inspire the kids I work with on a daily basis. Having “Inspire” in my home and seeing it on a daily basis will do just that! Your commitment to repairing it is so commendable and I’d be proud to have it in my home!

    Happy Valentine’s Weekend Sugarluxe lovers!

  18. Adjua says:

    I recently discovered your art while doing random searches for Illustrators — I’ve been blown away ever since! Your FB post/story on the birth of Sugarluxe really encouraged me today. For the past few months, things have been pretty slow for me as a freelancer. However, I’ve been contributing this time to work on a personal project, marrying my passion for design/art with my entrepreneurial spirit. The idea was inspired by my eldest daughter, Priah. I THOUGHT the perfect plan for my life was to get married, become a creative director, maybe a kid – but LIFE has proved much differently – For the best. Through late nights & kiddie nap times, this journey of entrepreneurship can get tough. But the closer I get to my vision, it makes it more challenging to go back to “just thinking about it.” Thanks so much for your story & your art. To have this in my home will be a reminder of anything worth having, is definitely worth fighting for (even if does come out with a scratch or two.) Lol!

  19. Tequilla Jones says:

    I absolutely love your artwork. I’m usually not a big art fan. A matter of fact I really don’t have any artwork on my wall except for two pictures representing my sorority. I decided to look for something that will spice up my bedroom and bathroom wall. I was surfing the net and was not finding one darn thing. As soon as I got ready to give up I came across one of your pictures – Divine- on Yahoo Images. I clicked on it and it lead me to your website. I fell in love with all of your pictures. Your story of how this came to be was inspiring. I too have found myself laid-off, starting over, and trying to make sense of everything. Your artwork captures the true essence of women and bring it to life on canvas. I’m not sure if the drawing for Inspire is over but I had to leave a comment. I absolutely love this painting. As an African-American woman, sometimes it hard to find artwork that truly captures the beauty of us. You with several brushstrokes and love was able to show the world our beauty. I absolutely love it!!! I plan on saving up to purchase it for my birthday next month. It will be nice to have on my wall and look at it each day. It will be a reminder of why I work so hard in life to be a better person and to achieve all of my goals. Thank you so much for all your hardwork. Your talent and love for what you do shows in your work. I wish you further success and joy now and in the future!!! You are an inspiration!!!!

  20. Ashanti says:

    When I look at this canvas, it reminds me that i still have a journey to complete and that one day I will be in my little black dress going to a gala reminiscing on my past trials by looking back with a smirk saying “Wow look how far I’ve come”. That is what I inspired to do!! I will send you a picture of that moment Chandra.

    That is why i want your painting soo bad. you should have seen my face when i heard of the contest,lol my prayers are almost answered
    sincerely, Ashanti


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