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contract Buy Toradol Without Prescription, is a binding legal agreement that is enforceable in a court of law. That is to say, it is an exchange of promises for the breach of which the law will provide a remedy...

This summer, I've taken a short sabbatical from the Sugarluxe Blog so that I could dedicate ALL of my creative energy to compose my newest art series.  Perhaps my early work as a corporate trainer and curriculum developer wired my brain to want to facilitate the learning process in others.

The hardest part about teaching from experience, however, Toradol for sale, is that it often means I must expose my own personal pain to impart the lesson.

So, the question always is - do I reveal the drama with the intent and possibility of helping others?  Or should I keep it tucked away and focus solely on the needs of my company?  When you've built a solid reputation, these considerations are always at the forefront of your mind. Toradol class, Truthfully,  it's a bit of a dilemma. I've built a brand based on the proliferation of sweetness and beauty.  But the reality is  - sometimes - business is just not pretty, Buy Toradol Without Prescription.

Today, I made that tough decision to put myself on the line.  If it helps just one artist, or one entrepreneur, designer, Toradol coupon, musician or anyone else that will ever face the challenge of what to do when someone willfully disregards contractual obligations - then it's worth it to me to share this with you.


In early January 2009, I was approached by the (former) editor of Rare Magazine, Carrie Crowe.  She wrote to me to inquire about doing a Featured Artist series for their November Fashion Issue. Comprar en línea Toradol, comprar Toradol baratos, Despite my affection for the magazine...I had no availability.   I was already working on some new art for 09...but I would in no way have time to do 10 new pieces.

But here's the thing:  Carrie, a highly respected editor, and her (former) publisher and the Founder of Rare Magazine, Matt Swinney, Toradol dose, a much-loved, media savvy entrepreneur - have a way of appealing to people through their genuine passion for their own work and for those whose work they've selected to feature.  It's a very symbiotic thing for businesses when mutually beneficial, long-term relationships evolve into friendships. Buy Toradol Without Prescription, After some negotiating of the terms, and Carrie skillfully, yet sweetly convincing me of the many ways in which I could use the issue to support and promote my newest work, we struck a deal.  And despite the reciprocal admiration that has developed over the years...when it comes to Sugarluxe and the rights to my work...I'm all business.

Contracts are a necessity.  Defining expectations - on paper - is a mandatory part of being a professional artist.  Reading agreements, Toradol dangers, understanding the language, negotiating terms and when necessary, seeking the advice of good counsel, are as much, if not more, the duties that fill my day, ordering Toradol online, as are the creative aspects to my job.

Sound sort of un-fun?  It is.

Yet, after you get through the discomfort of considering all of the what-ifs - should things go south - the anticipation is that each party will meet their obligations as outlined in the contract...and everyone WINS. Online Toradol without a prescription, I signed my latest contract with Rare Magazine on February 3, 2009.


On June 15, 2009, I received an email from Carrie.  Both Matt and Carrie were no longer with Rare Magazine.  It was with a heavy heart that I accepted their departure and then went about furiously researching online to find out what went down, Buy Toradol Without Prescription.

I quickly learned from a local blogger that someone by the name of Taylor Perkins bought out Matt's share earlier in the year and that Carrie was now a casualty of Taylor's quest to "bring in fresh blood."  Spoken like a true ax-man.

So, within an hour of hearing the news, I wrote to introduce myself to Taylor.  100% certain that Carrie handed off all the necessary documentation because she is about the MOST organized woman I know, buy Toradol online cod, it was more of an inquiry to find out about the state of Rare.  Would this magazine still be in existence come November 2009.

You see, I'd already invested a month of my time just working out the sketches for the Fashion Issue.  It was not the original theme or direction I had envisioned for my newest art...until I signed that contract. So it became the required foundation upon which this new work would be created.

So I write:

Buy Toradol Without Prescription, Hi Taylor,

I hope your Monday is off to a great start. Get Toradol, I'm sure you are juggling so many things right now, but I just wanted to check in with you to see how things are going since learning of Carrie's departure.

Sugarluxe is slated for your November issue...therefore, I thought it imperative that I find out if everything is still going ahead as planned.  Is there ANY chance that Rare won't be around come November - or for that matter, September 1st when my work is due to you.

If you could please confirm that everything is moving forward as planned, generic Toradol, I would be MOST appreciative.  I am very happy to complete my assignment for Rare.  I just needed to touch base for clarification.

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing back from you.


An hour later, Taylor responds:
Yes, everything is fine with Rare, Buy Toradol Without Prescription. Nothing is changing, we’re just getting some new blood in the office over here. Taking Toradol, I bought Matt out, and with changes comes changes. It’s going to be exciting to see, we have a lot of great things planned for the magazine and the events that we do.

Um ...yeah, okay.  That sounded as direct and coherent as a Gary Busey quote - "Nothing changes like changes, because nothing changes but the changes", what is Toradol.

As the beginning of August drew near (T minus 30 days and counting until my deadline) I thought it time Taylor and I set up a date to review the work. Buy Toradol Without Prescription, This way, the designer at the magazine could get an idea of the look/feel and color palette of my artwork in preparation for the layout.   I wrote to Taylor on August, 1, 2009.  The email went completely unanswered.  So on Friday, August 14th, I tried reaching him by phone.

A La Mode - The New Series by Sugarluxe | Coming Soon

A sales rep answered, said Taylor wasn't available to talk, told me there was a new editor in place and someone would get back to me that afternoon. Toradol no rx, The following Monday I receive this much more polished and professional email from the new Editor, Caitlin Ryan:

Hi Chandra,

It's great to 'meet' you over email.  I've heard so many wonderful things about you from the staff now at Rare.

Meredith sent me a note saying that you had called touching base regarding November Fashion art.  That there had been an agreement put in place previously, Buy Toradol Without Prescription.  When I came in (just last week!), online buying Toradol, I combed through any documents I could find and I did not see anything like this, so I went ahead and assigned November in an effort to get ahead of the game.  I am SO sorry, Chandra. Low dose Toradol,  I understand that you felt a crunch for time, so perhaps this could serve as a bit of a stress reliever.  I would definitely love to feature you, however. Buy Toradol Without Prescription,  Just have to check and see if you were featured in last year's fashion issue.

Again, I really apologize, buy Toradol without a prescription.  We were left with very little guidance as far as what was promised to people, and I'm doing my absolute best to do right by all of our contributors.  I know, though, Toradol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, that this wont come without any disappointments along the way.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

My best,

Despite the fact that I didn't like the obvious direction this was heading (and at this point, I'd worked 16-18 hour days for the last 30 days straight in order to get all this work done, so was hardly in the mood to be placated) I still respected Caitlin's diplomacy, Buy Toradol Without Prescription.
Hi Caitlin.

Thank you for your quick reply. You are so sweet!.

I read your email, buy generic Toradol, but am forwarding my reply on an old email exchange with Taylor on June 15th. Buy Toradol Without Prescription, This is where I introduced to Taylor that I had a contract with Rare and was slated for your November issue - just in case there were any questions.  So, he was made aware as soon as word was out that Carrie had left her position.

My contract was signed with Rare Magazine on 2.03.09.

Yes, more time would have been great and I truly appreciate your offer.  However, Buy Toradol from mexico, so that I would not be in breach of our contract when I did not hear back from Taylor asking for an extension to complete (sent on 8.01.09 with no response back from Taylor)...I have worked around the clock to finish this series for your Nov issue.

In addition, it has already been promoted to my fan/customer base, so the time, energy and cost (in addition to our agreement in place since February) means I need to go ahead and do November as planned.

I'm sure any artist that you recently selected will understand when they realize you have a contract in place already, purchase Toradol online no prescription.

Please let me know details of when we need to go to print and I look forward to receiving the interview questions.., Buy Toradol Without Prescription.

Thanks so much!.

And then another 7 days go by with no response from anyone at Rare.

Monday, August 24th, Canada, mexico, india, I'm asked to send in my artwork for review.

At first, this seems insignificant.  One might think...yay, it's settled.  We're moving ahead without things getting messy.  But never, ever send completed work to someone who hasn't confirmed they are going to honor their contractual obligations. Buy Toradol Without Prescription, Since they are local, I asked for a face to face meeting.

Hi Caitlin, Toradol without a prescription,

It's nice to hear back from you.  I was concerned about not receiving a return response after my email last week.  So, thank you.

Given the fact that there has been some misunderstanding or miscommunication during the transition between owners at Rare, I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to come meet with you just to have everything squared away. Toradol photos, I'm happy to bring copies/prints of my artwork as all are not all scanned/digitized yet.

When are you available this week?  I just returned to town from a funeral, so getting caught up and can't do it tomorrow.  But Wednesday afternoon works for me.  What about you.

Thank you,

The meeting was then pushed to Thursday...enough time for me to consult my advisors and prepare for whatever was ahead.  I elected to not take anyone into this meeting with me because I don't like to get all top-heavy when it could just be a simple, friendly meeting of the minds.  The decision to go alone is probably my biggest regret, Buy Toradol Without Prescription.

Three on one - for the next two hours, I faced a barrage of pointless interruptions from Taylor and although I tried to joke and lighten the air, it was heavy with disdain, discount Toradol. Particularly when he started to talk about his former partners and associates, even recent cover artists.  In fact, the things he shared were so out of line, inappropriate and unprofessional...I was shocked. Toradol images, Keep in mind, this is all while he lavished upon me proclamations of love and adoration for my work.  Never let your stroked ego get in the way of seeing someone's true colors.

I know so many artists in this town.  In fact, I know so many artists around the world.  To insult anyone in my profession is an insult to me. Buy Toradol Without Prescription, I returned to the studio.  Disgusted.

By the end of the day on Friday, I expected to have confirmation that we were indeed on track.  It was less than three days from the drop dead deadline and nothing, order Toradol no prescription.

I write to the entire team:

Hey guys,

Thanks for your time yesterday.

To cut to the chase, I'm pretty much done killing myself on this project - so I need an answer today.  Are you going to honor the legal agreement I have with Rare Magazine?  Regardless of the change in ownership, Toradol from mexico, the contract is still valid.

What is your decision.

Thank you,

Knowing that the law is on my side, I remained hopeful that he would do the right thing, Buy Toradol Without Prescription.

Four hours later,  Taylor wrote back.  To summarize:

He tried to appease me with an offer for a small editorial piece and to host my art opening in Austin (please read: a thinly veiled attempt to make more money off of my work while giving me nothing provided for in our contract).  Not the cover.  Not the featured artist with 8 interior sections and the two page picture/interview profile as the agreement stipulates...


But here's what absolutely bothered me the most...he thinks I'm stupid.

He has the nerve to try to appear as if he's an artist's advocate when he writes:

The direction of the magazine is changing drastically under the new management and ownership, rx free Toradol. One of them is to not repeat a cover artist that we have already showcased, as we feel there are so many amazing artists out there that deserve a shot.

Here are THREE problems with that argument -

First, we have a contract so the point that I have been featured in the past (Dec. Buy Toradol Without Prescription, 2007) is irrelevant.  Nice try, though.

Rare Magazine Holiday Featured Artist Cover Austin, Texas

Second, Sugarluxe was not showcased like many winners after winning the top spot in Reader's Poll in June 2009 when Sugarluxe was voted Best Artist (this was a fair decision on Carrie's part due to the fact that in November, I would have a huge presence in the magazine with the Featured Artist spot and cover).

Third, the way Taylor responded in this situation demonstrates his true motives and ethics in regards to helping artists.  He can SAY whatever he wants...but actions are everything, buy Toradol without prescription.

Popular artists or yet unproven, you start by respecting contractual obligations with ALL artists.

He was in breach of the contract.  And contracts are in place to protect people.

So it all boils down to this...

Publicity is nice.  It's great to be recognized and I've worked very hard to complete my assignment for Rare Magazine.  I'm proud of the work and I'm so thankful to Carrie and Matt who provided the direction and inspiration behind the new series, Buy Toradol Without Prescription.

But every situation requires some strategic analysis and if you're anything like me, Toradol blogs, you work to minimize the brain damage.

The appropriate thing here was to disengage and to do so quickly. I will not compromise my values for a little bit of press. I will not work with someone whose true motives are questionable at best.

Buy Toradol Without Prescription, Dear Taylor:

1. Reputation of not delivering on your promises (think about your latest events if you're uncertain as to my reference)

2. Lack of professionalism (by speaking so negatively and out of turn about your former associates and cover artists)

3. Poor decision making (not honoring a clearly legal and binding contract)

have resulted in my immediate need to retract all permissions or rights of usage to any of my artwork/imagery.

I will no longer take the risk of associating my brand with you.

This does not in any way make you less liable for your breach and only galvanizes my resolve to seek every remedy available to me/Sugarluxe for your actions.

The magazine, according to Taylor, has been "hemorrhaging money" and you just have to thumb through the last issue to see how many advertisers have jumped ship, Buy Toradol Without Prescription. In a time when the print publication industry is suffering as a whole, Toradol wiki, it's disheartening to see someone make such a selfish, costly decision.

So much so, that part of me is tempted to dismiss him as some silly trust fund kid who just doesn't know better.


But Taylor Perkins is not dumb; he knows exactly what he's doing. He took a calculated risk, Toradol recreational. Buy Toradol Without Prescription, History seems to dictate that most artists don't have the means, the resources, or the fortitude to put up a fight. And he assumed because I am known as being a sweet, compassionate person to work with, that I was probably a total push over, too.  Guess again Taylor.

At the end of the day - the damages are demonstrable. The documentation and law both work in my favor.

His actions present a perfect case study for creatives everywhere.  It may seem like a RARE thing to have happen, but regrettably, the practice of taking advantage of artists, writers, musicians, photographers, etc. with the assumption that they don't have much business savvy is rampant - and it is WRONG.

So, while I determine what to do next, I need a little breather from this stress and I will simply take solace in knowing that once in awhile, and perhaps at this very moment, the pen really can be mightier than the sword.

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24 Responses to “Buy Toradol Without Prescription”
  1. Larry Lourcey

    Hey Chandra,

    Wow- I’m speechless. That is a terrible story.

    Its a good lesson- thanks so much for sharing… and be SURE to keep me updated!


    • Chandra Michaels

      Hi Larry – Thank you so much for your support. As someone who follows all of your photography work, and loves/respects your creativity – that means so much.

      As I mentioned earlier on Facebook – (which btw – thanks so much for your comment there too) it’s most unfortunate that these situations are not uncommon. But speaking of Fashion, thick skin is totally in…so I tried mine on today :)

  2. Dawn Wilks says:

    Hey Chandra!

    I just cannot believe the way some people operate…and think they can go above and around legal documents…it’s so ridiculous. At the end of the day he will regret this decision…if he thought purchasing a company that was “hemorrhaging money” was a great idea… I can only imagine how naive he is when it comes to you and your business savvy. Of course you are SWEET…but you are NOT someone who’s going to be taken advantage of or pushed aside. I hope he’s ready for the headache you will unleash in him! You busted your booty on this project…your latest creations I’m sure are AMAZING…and you will have the last laugh when he has to PAY YOU anyway ; )

    • Chandra Michaels

      DAWN!!! That is an amazing comment that not only encourages me, but replenishes the energy that he has drained away. I am so lucky to have people believe in me, what I’m doing and the work I create.

      I’m even more lucky to have friends who have seen the sacrifice first-hand and lift me up when the fighter in me feels completely down for the count.

      Thank you so much. Because of your wonderfulness and your supportive words, I’m back in the ring.

  3. Leesha says:

    Dearest Chandra,

    I sure wish I was brave like Larry and Dawn to use my last name and that I had the courage to speak out like you have here. I commend you. I applaud you. I’m so proud of you.

    I am a freelancer and have experienced this kind of treatment too. It’s infuriating, and the most frustrating part is that most companies know that nothing will ever be said about them because we, the hired guns, live in fear that if we speak out, we might lose out on future opportunities. The oppression is real.

    I’ve met this person, Taylor. He’s a pretty shady character. He tries hard to look like Mr. Do-Gooder Guy, but he’s a wolf in sheeps clothing, for sure. Kudos to you for exposing him for what he truly is.

    I’ve included my email to you and hope if you ever need anything, you will reach out to me. It’s sad about Rare Magazine. It used to be great.

  4. ebony says:

    WTF!!!!!! OMG!!!!! Chandra that is crazy!!! What an azz this guy is! Thanks for sharing this story. As fans we are so far removed from what our beloved artists go thru. Gurl… you know me… will spread the word. NO ONE from my posse will be buying that magazine!

  5. Deb DiSalvo

    W O W !!! That is messed up. I read this to my hubby and told him they f’ed with the wrong person. He, too (because I’m always talking about your art) says you’re a very serious business woman and he (and I) wish you luck on where you will go with this. I wish I was there so I could give you a big (((HUG))) -
    I know how hard you work and this must be such an unbelievable burden to carry on your shoulders. You will have LOTS of people behind you. Love ya!

    • Chandra Michaels

      Thank you Deb! I take that as I high compliment…the art part, and as an artist yourself, I’m betting you totally get this…comes naturally. But the business part is something that takes so much work, effort, time and creates tons of heartburn when people try to take advantage.

      I absolutely detest that Taylor has put in this position. So many negative, debilitating assumptions are made about creatives, it’s just got to stop and I guess the only way I know how to put a stop to it here is to stand up and speak out.

      Across the miles and in so many cities, it is incredible to have your support and that of so many artists I’ve met in my career. THANK YOU (and thank your hubs for me too:)

  6. Juli Achterberg says:

    After looking at your links and reading all the YELP comments about what was suppose to be a fabulous party that was actually an awful mess for hundreds or thousands of guests, I am thinking why did they sell this magazine to this “Amateur Wanna-Be?” This NO experience is what is so funny to me. So here is this Taylor who has Real Estate experience and a Austin Community College Education. Again, what were they thinking selling out to him after what seemed like the building of a great mag by the previous owner?? Girl, you have more expertise and experience in your lil finger than this guy could only wish for himself. Besides you being a wonderful beautiful person inside and out!! Yes this may be a pain in you a$$ but this guy is going down. Go get him and take out the TRASH!!! Taylor you should be ashamed!!!

  7. Chandra Michaels

    Oh my GOSH!!! I’m so unbelievably grateful for the outpouring of support and love.

    24 hours ago, I published this post. And, feeling isolated in my struggle, I reached out to my friends from ALL OVER THE WORLD on Facebook.

    Without you all, it would be so hard to get up every day and keep giving this business my best – but you are my foundation! THANK YOU.

    With that…I thought I would share just a few of the wonderful comments without sharing names because I want to protect my friends and fans who choose to not comment in this more public forum!! The remarks are taken directly from my page.


    *** Nicely Stated Chandra. Sorry your learning curve was that way, but thanks for sharing your tale. You have great talent and beautiful art and nothing will keep that from blooming. Have a better week and a happy day!

    *** Good for you!!! I am sorry that this happened to you. It is sad that there are people like Taylor in business. Your word is your word and a contract is a contract. What a TOOL!!

    *** Just read your blog….I’m sorry Chandra! You did the right thing…..and thanks for sharing. Everything will get better! You’re an amazing artist and you do not need to be associated with anyone like that. Many xoxo ♥

    *** Those fools just don’t know what their missing! Some things can be blessings in disguise. Thanks for sharing. It teaches us creatives new to biz that even the best in the biz (yes ma’am, that’s u) have unfortunate learning experiences.

    *** I am on someone else’s computer right now (my mom’s)…so I can’t get to the blog t the moment…but she says to tell you “stay strong and stand your ground.” (?) haha…funny thing is she was with me when we found “your art” at BB&B; she’s become one of your fans and supporters!

    *** I just unsubscribed from Rare (emails) and am sending waves of disdainful thoughts toward Taylor Perkins. Waves. He should be feeling pretty insignificant right about now.

    *** I know this has been a wrenching experience, but you’re a superhero. Don’t worry about that little punk. He’s got nothin on you!

    *** Know u have an army of supporters that have your back!

    *** I so wish you could take this to Judge Judy…she would spank him up and down…a contract IS a contract. GAME OVER Taylor!

    *** That punk messed with the wrong Sweet Art! ;)

    *** What an arsewipe! He’s messed with the wrong woman.

    *** ooooohhh Chandra, I’m so sorry to hear about this :(

    It always amazes me that there are people out there who have no regard or respect for other’s, it is such a terrible shame :(

    But, on a positive note, I think you did the right thing by sharing your experience and handling Taylor in the way you have. I’m sure it will help other creative people who may end up in a similar situation. And you also created some AMAZINGLY beautiful art for the project that can still be used in so many other ways.

    Because you are a sweet and compassionate person you WILL come out ahead and Taylor will end up losing in many ways. Losing out financially, his reputation and the opportunity to feature your beautiful art.

    I hope this doesn’t drag out to be a long process so that you can go back to doing what you do best, creating wonderfully sweet art :) But, I also know that you have to do what’s right for your business as well, go get em!!

    *** You have right on your side, you did a magnificent job. You have a massive friend/fan base that will gladly converge on Austin and slap his stupid ass to the pavement. Just say when!

    *** Learn from the best! If you are an artist and small business owner…read this, you will find it very interesting to say the least! Chandra aka Sugarluxe is not only one of the most talented and beautiful people I have had the pleasure to get to know… through internet networking, she is one of the most savvy business minded women as well as an inspiration to me. Never underestimate! Some people are so foolish!

    *** Brilliantly written. A tasteful dissertation of the ills of creative thievery. Please follow up on these words, and make them action. Your representation of artists rights as well as your own is admirable. Let me know if I may help!!!!!

  8. Stean

    Once again, I am late out of the gates…there is really nothing more that I could say that hasn’t already been said, except maybe “Yeah! What they said!”.

    Funny thing is, and maybe it’s because I am in Dallas and not Austin, but I have always associated Rare with Sugarluxe. Maybe it’s just branding or name recognition from press photos with our lovely artist in front of a wall of Sugarluxe, Rare Austin, and Bong Spirit logos..or maybe it’s because every time I see Rare ANYTHING I do a quick scan to look for the familiar Sugarluxe “look”, hoping to catch a glimpse of ANY of Chandra’s work.

    I have to giggle…like a little schoolgirl…when I wonder in amazement how someone could “take over” something this big and NOT have the heads-up to know this cute little kitten is really a fierce tigress! REALLY!?!? haha
    Oh, and don’t forget…the rest of the jungle stands behind you!

    • Chandra Michaels

      Stean – this is the kind of compliment an artist – NO WAIT – a girl always dreams of hearing.

      How lucky I am to have your support and friendship. If I told you guys the kind of stuff that has happened since I posted this last week…it would make you sick.

      But really, during a year filled with many moments that would rightly warrant tears — thank you for making me smile. BIG.

  9. Loree says:

    Hi Chandra,
    It seems you have a great breach of contract case. Please let me know if you need a referral to legal counsel. I would be delighted.

  10. Juli says:

    Stean~ Love your comment to Chandra. Whether you’re late coming out w/ it or not, I know it helps her regardless. The cute kitten being a fierce tigress thing was priceless!!! You rock!

  11. Matt Swinney says:


    I’m certain many will be surprised that I’m commenting publicly here, but, as you know, it was Carrie and I (and Missi Jay) that decided putting local Austin artists on the cover of Rare was a good idea. Why did we do it (for reference sake, the first outsourced cover was Spring 2007: Mauricio Cremer)? We did it because we wanted to show the world what visual artists in Austin were like: not just their art, but their personality, their business-savvy, their ability to promote relentlessly while never sacrificing their true passion. Chandra, I’m so incredibly proud of you for standing up for what you believe in. THAT’S what Carrie and I set out to do 2.5 years ago when we began this cover artist journey together.

    I can’t speak for Rare anymore. I can only speak for what we originally built. The ball is in Taylor’s court now and it’s up to him how to manage each and every situation that comes about. Whether any of us like it or not, we’ve all chosen professions that put us in the public spotlight, so our dirty laundry gets aired out for all to see. Trust me, we’ve all taken lumps in the press for this. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for Lindsey Lohan. :)

    At the end of the day, every business owner makes 1000 decisions a day, most of which are irrelevant. God knows we’ve all made mistakes in business. In my opinion, what defines each of us as entrepreneurs, is how we react when we make mistakes. That’s what tests our mettle.

    While it’s absolutely heart-breaking — I mean it, a little piece of me just died reading this story — it reminds me of where Rare started. In the Summer of 2004, Kara and I were on vacation in Hawaii with Kara’s family. I picked up a magazine while we were there and for whatever reason, a spark caught in my brain. 4 months later, Rare as a business was born and 6 months after that, it existed in true print form. It was so organic. So loved. It didn’t get rave reviews when we started it and we scratched and clawed for every dollar we ever got. Course, no one that’s left at Rare now knows what myself, Meredith, Missi and Dustin (and, oddly enough, Jessika, our intern, and daughter of Linda Dumont that you mentioned in your post — small town, this Austin) went through to get those first few issues out, so that part will never be truly understood.

    What I do know though, is that it took all of that — including the selling of the business — to make me realize how important the people in my life are. I don’t mean “business relationships” anymore. Let’s face it — we’re all friends now. I’m the luckiest person in the world because every day I get to work with the most creative, interesting, passionate people in this city we all love. THIS is why my heart breaks a little — not because I’ve taken a personal beating from a few people in public, not because the magazine is transitioning into something different than what I envisioned — nothing like that. My heart breaks a little because in a lot of ways, I feel like I’ve let those people who are so important to me (Chandra, you’re in this category and if you’re reading this post, you know who you are) down a little bit. Rare is much bigger than I ever expected it to be. People gravitate to it. Holding the mantel of “Rare Magazine Publisher” is not an easy one. It’s a big job and it’s overwhelming when you think about how many people you affect, both positively and negatively, every single day. Everything you do is under a microscope. What I didn’t envision when I left, was Chandra’s story. I didn’t see that coming and I’m so incredibly sorry you’re going through it.

    So, Chandra, I say this to you: Just remember that while this stuff may be hard, I’m living proof that you will survive it. Continue your passion. Don’t sweat the small stuff (as they say). Remember that you are well-loved by your family, your friends, your colleagues, your peers. Don’t let one really hard day (or a few in a row) let you ever forget WHY you do what you do.

    Your Friend,
    Matt Swinney

  12. this makes me want to go to the domain and take all the free issues of rare out of all the stores and throw them in the trash where it (and the people in charge of this dissaster) belong

  13. Stacy says:


    I am 100% behind you!

    He who mistreats one chicken, ruffles the entire coop!!!

    Stacy C :)

  14. Chic Gal

    Chandra~I had your RSS feed in my inbox all week and I’ve gone back and read it several times. I can relate to this in so many ways. The stringing along, the lack of returned emails/calls, the vague answers to questions and worst of all the lack of professionalism. We both may be kind and sweet, but “you mess with the bull you get the horns!”

    Hang in there sweetie and know that I’m 100% behind you.

  15. 1 Million Artist says:

    This was a great story, juicy and had specific detail. I’m laughing because you brilliantly played it very well. Very business oriented and still maintained your sweetheart. That was genius, the emails had me hanging onto my seat. Great Job!

  16. DNT says:

    “Today, I made that tough decision to put myself on the line. If it helps just one artist, or one entrepreneur, designer, musician or anyone else that will ever face the challenge of what to do when someone willfully disregards contractual obligations – then it’s worth it to me to share this with you.”

    Thank you for being so open and letting us upcoming artists know about the various ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. I just discovered your beautiful work this week and I wanted you to know that this story was worth sharing. I know one thing, if you don’t value your own time and energy, no one else will.

  17. Jake says:

    Well Sugarluxe, I commend you. Not only is the pen mightier than the sword, google is mightier than the pen.

    I was searching for something about Taylor Perkins and Rare Magazine today. It’s hilarious. Even on a simple search for an un-unique name like Taylor Perkins out of 8 mllion or so results, this story of yours is on the first page.

    Doing an image search for Rare Magazine, your story is the #1 returned result out of 20 million results. How do you do it girl? I need to hire you for SEO for my new company!

    I was actually considering advertising my new business with Rare. I’m so glad I found your article. There are so many places to spend my money in this town on advertising. I will not give my money to an outfit like this.

    Good for you for sticking up for yourself and other self-employed people who often depend on the word of others. I also want to add, nothing against who ever is the person they chose in place of you, but I was not impressed, especially for something fashionable and hot. They missed the mark on every count.

    Off I go to Tribeza Magazine. Buh bye Rare.

  18. Colton says:

    I’m late to the party….but have some insight. I was (unfortunately) one of several partners along with Taylor Perkins in the Paggi House restaurant. My take on this is that Taylor is one of a group of buffoons around Austin who’ve inherited their parent’s money, love to snort coke and pretend they are businessmen. Stuart Thomajan, Bob Gillette, Phil Rosenbaum, Rick Engel. When they are involved, respect and capital flow go the other direction.

  19. Gustavo Metge says:

    Thanks for the post. I’m bookmarking your page and will certainly return!

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