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Seroquel For Sale, Not quite two weeks ago, I discussed part of the driving force behind what motivates much of my art.  My background and particularly my post grad work in cognitive psychology finds its way into everything I do. 

Also, in an interview earlier this year with Sonali Vora, who writes for VectorTuts+ (an Australian based online educational community for artists and illustrators around the world) I mentioned my father's background in linguistics.  Essentially, linguistics concerns itself with the understanding of human language.  As such, linguists often draw on the work from the field of social sciences. 

TweetPsych Logo

That's why I flipped out over TweetPsych for Twitter.  But first, a few more details...

I use imagery to communicate.  What I can't always express through words, Seroquel australia, uk, us, usa, Order Seroquel from United States pharmacy, I can with art.  (Although I worked as both a curriculum developer and professional copywriter for years -- it's different when composing something so personal).  It's a vulnerable place because artists are always being analyzed for what "they're really saying" through their art.

That's why when I first launched Sugarluxe, Seroquel long term, Seroquel coupon, I didn't belong to any social networks.  My reluctance was not because I didn't understand the need for self-promotion as a modern day artist.  Mostly, I had just hoped my work would do the talking for me. 

Online - it's part of my job to tell people what I'm up to.  But offline, is Seroquel safe, Seroquel use, it's very different.  Rather than talking about what I do, I prefer to ask questions, Seroquel description, Seroquel schedule, I listen intently and I truly enjoy learning about other people.

Up Close & Personal

Then my best friend Karen began raving about Facebook last summer, Seroquel interactions. My Seroquel experience, After 4 semesters of college interns on Facebook all day long...I wasn't overly thrilled that my friends were now following suit. I was already spread too thin and from the looks of things, I didn't think I could be as passive on Facebook as I'd been on MySpace. 

But working the number of hours I do, I rarely get to spend enough time with friends.  So in hopes of remaining close and connected, I created my Facebook profile, Seroquel For Sale.

In less than a month, kjøpe Seroquel på nett, köpa Seroquel online, Seroquel duration, my life changed.  In conjunction with finding old friends --  I finally got to see the faces and learn about the lives of people who had been supporting and buying my art since day one.  My inspiration was renewed.

Since that time, where can i buy cheapest Seroquel online, Seroquel from canada, and very recently I might add, I created a Sugarluxe Fan Page.  Despite appearances from this post, cheap Seroquel no rx, Seroquel pictures, I tend to be an early adopter with technology.  Plus, I'm an avid reader of sites like TechCrunch and Mashable.  But the social networks take me a little longer to get behind only because I have to find ways in which they best suit my personality, Seroquel dose. Doses Seroquel work, My goal is not to simply amass tens of thousands of followers or fans or friends.  It's just not who I am.  I need real relationships. I would rather have 10 close friends than a million people who could give a crap.  I've just always been that way.., Seroquel trusted pharmacy reviews. Seroquel For Sale, Yet, I'm so happy that I've reached out, connected through meaningful dialogue and learned to embrace social networks as a way to build a community with those people who share in my passion. 


Which leads me back to Twitter. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Reading, studying, no prescription Seroquel online, Online buying Seroquel hcl, and analyzing a social network may not sound like the work of a full-time artist, but as someone who has spent the last few years employing different methods to remain connected with my diverse audience, Seroquel mg, Buy cheap Seroquel no rx, it made sense for me to investigate.

I've spent a year watching Twitter.  Just as I did with MySpace first and then Facebook.  I needed to figure out if it was a useful tool for me. 

Some people warned me that I would become addicted. Pro-bloggers and journalists, Seroquel cost. Seroquel dosage, Yes...that makes sense.  But as someone whose livelihood depends on creating, not reporting, where can i find Seroquel online, Fast shipping Seroquel, it's not the type of thing to make me obsessed.

But with time and a growing user base comes new applications and developments that enhance all social media.  Thankfully, Seroquel from canadian pharmacy, Seroquel reviews, there are terrific people out there improving the functionality of these tools every day.  And that's why it takes time for me to assess the viability of it for my own business.

The Profiler

So today, Seroquel brand name, Seroquel for sale, two days ago, when I read about the BETA launch of TweetPsych, australia, uk, us, usa, Seroquel no prescription, I immediately felt that the evolution of Twitter was upon us.

--- The system had some issues at launch time and it seems to be stabilized at this point, Seroquel results, so now, to continue...

TweetPsych, developed by Dan Zarella, uses linguistic algorithms to analyze tweets to build a quick psychological profile.  AND - any Twitter username can be analyzed.   Dan says:

TweetPsych uses the LIWC and RID (linguistic analysis methods to profile a person based on what they write) to build a psychological profile of a person based on the content of their Tweets.

I think the possibilities of a system like this are enormous, from matching like-minded users to identifying users that exhibit certain useful or desirable traits.

Do you see the potential of a tool like this? 

After the novelty has worn off (meaning: you've profiled yourself and everyone else you can think of) can you imagine the implications for job seekers, recruiters, employers and possibly even health insurance providers.

Okay.  Maybe most people won't read into the way I do.  After all, I've always said that I paint personalities, not portraits.  So...granted, my geeky side comes out in full force on this one. 

But I think an application like this could affect millions of people. 

  1. Should we be concerned how this information might be used? 

  2. Will people rethink their tweets now that we know something like this exists? 

  3. How will results be interpreted and should I help to write some definitions? 

Talk about possible behavior modification on a massive scale! We are literally living in a global laboratory and it's wild to think about what it might mean. 

Regardless, huge props to Dan for such a clever idea and implementation. 

If you're on Twitter, too - tell us - what does it say about you.

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10 Responses to “Seroquel For Sale”
  1. Steph. says:

    Fabulous post. The app is amazing. Very insightful. For me it gave me a 145 score, and said I talk a lot about myself. Since its Twitter, its not that bad. =)

    • Chandra Michaels

      Hey Steph – glad to have you here! BTW – I talked about you on the Sugarluxe Facebook Page the other day. Don’t know if you’re on there, but I reposted your blog post and wanted you to know how much I appreciated it.

      And I mentioned how much I loved your site and the name Domestic Urbanite!

      As for the Twitter App – AGREE COMPLETELY – totally amazing concept.

      I’m quite sure as soon as more people know about it, there will be those who bash it. But every tool, every place online, can be abused by people with malicious intent.

      I’m VERY interested to see how this develops.

      Chandra Michaels’s last blog post..You Are What You Tweet? So Says Brand New Twitter App TweetPsych…

  2. hannah says:

    i think its very interesting. and of course you are interested in this Chandra, its your psych degree at work :) )

    i think its fun and novel but sometimes can be TMIfor example, i just tweetpsyched my “boss” ..hmmm!

    ps i put my blog to private but it will be back to general view in a few weeks. just have to send the “haters” / fake people away and make sure they are gone :)


    • Chandra Michaels

      Yes Hannah! You’re right…several degrees and some years later, putting all that education to good use :)

      So, what did your TP profile say about you? What did it say about your boss???

      • hannah says:

        well the fact that my boss HAS twitter makes it awkward haha but he is low on emotions (so true) high taste sentations (have no clue haha) and very narcisstic (duh!) far as mine TweetPsych says i have a positive affect,somewhat abstract thought , i often talk about the physical characteristics of things and i often discuss positive sensations and feelings.

        :) ))

  3. Karen says:

    Umm…I think it is verging on creepy. I don’t use Twitter, but I tend to already be self-conscious about what I write, so I think knowing that there is an extra layer of analysis that anyone can access would make me that much more reserved about what I say. Hypothetically, that is. Since I don’t Tweet. (I can barely bring myself to write “tweet” in that context. It’s odd how I am fine with adopting one thing but not the other. Couldn’t do myspace, but am fine with FB. Not into Twitter, but might be into whatever is next.) Anyway, I think the concept is brilliant, but I like people to try to figure out on their own whether I am low on emotions, with high taste sensations and very narcissistic.

  4. Karen says:

    Also, I love the “You are what you tweet”. So funny!

  5. Great idea, poorly implemented. See my review and critique of the service here:

    Needs more psychology and more science before you could ever make a thing like this truly useful.

    • Chandra Michaels

      Dr. John – thank you so much for pointing us to your post.

      I concede that from a scientific perspective, the implementation and usability is not where it could/should be. But I think/hope I was pretty clear that my fascination is about what a tool like this could do. The potential for it to be useful. AND the potential for it to be destructive – with or without refinement. Making it more accurate only heightens my sense of concern about how it might be used.

      Still, I submit the implementation, or perhaps, execution of the launch from a marketing and awareness perspective was overwhelmingly impressive.

      As an artist, most of my audience will not gravitate to this post because it’s not why or how they connect with me. However, the fact that it helped me connect with someone new who I wouldn’t have met otherwise, made it worth my time to post this piece.

      I enjoyed reading your review and I definitely look forward to spending more time on your website.

  6. Larry H. says:

    My scores have to be biased due to my tweeting about giveaways and such..although that is a part of my personality and I’m sure Tweetpsych takes that into consideration.

    I am now following you on twitter, but you haven’t tweeted since July 2nd. Are you on vacation? I just found your site and luv it :/

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