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Soul Sista FAMOUS Giclee Art on Canvas Temovate Cream For Sale, Four weeks of contests and blogging, and FREEBIES and oh yes, by the way, running the company, managing people, creating new art, producing products, negotiating deals, meeting the needs of retailers, the demands of my publisher, doing more interviews, delivering new projects and getting ready to go to DC next week to speak in front of Congress (ooh - that's a long, totally separate story) has me ready to explode into a million little pieces.

But then you stopped by here for a solid month...sending love, Temovate Cream schedule, Temovate Cream coupon, encouragement and the most excellent feedback an artist could ever want to hear. During the long hours and facing my endless list of to dos - it was such a pleasure to read the amazing comments over the past few weeks - they really kept me going, Temovate Cream pics. Cheap Temovate Cream no rx, I know without a doubt, that even though we had 10 LUCKY WINNERS last month...there are still people who will not be happy (with me) about not winning a prize.  That was the hardest thing about holding these great giveaways.  I want to reward everyone.  But I trust that you understand that isn't feasible.  I guess what I mean...is that I hope that the generosity is contagious even if you didn't win - this time, buy Temovate Cream online no prescription. Temovate Cream gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, You see...I believe in the Golden Rule, the Law of Reciprocity, Temovate Cream pictures, Temovate Cream blogs, Karma or any other cosmic, universal meme that suggests you get what you give.  Point is, where can i buy cheapest Temovate Cream online, Temovate Cream wiki, you proved it to me ALL month long.  Did I seriously have time for the giveways? Not really. But what I received in return from offering these prizes is a tremendous amount of support which is very valuable to me! And so it seems - it always comes full circle, Temovate Cream For Sale.

I feel very fortunate that you helped to spread the word about what we are doing here at Sugarluxe, Temovate Cream class. Is Temovate Cream safe, This brand is more than just pretty pictures.  It is to me, above all else, Temovate Cream used for, Buy Temovate Cream from mexico, about a personal, fundamental philosophy built on the belief that extreme determination coupled with kindness, effects of Temovate Cream, Temovate Cream images, confidence and consideration can be the key to success. And if you know me AT ALL, Temovate Cream no rx, Fast shipping Temovate Cream, you see that message is "baked" into everything I create.  So what thrilled me the most was the support and kind competitive spirit you showed each other during this FIERCE :) competition, purchase Temovate Cream online no prescription. Temovate Cream photos, And as MUCH as I greatly appreciate everyone's efforts...there were a few LADIES who truly worked it like nobody's business.  Through our analytics software, we were able to track all referring links into both the blog and our main website, buy no prescription Temovate Cream online. Temovate Cream For Sale, These awesome 'Sugarluxe Girls' worked very hard (and very creatively, I might add) to spread the word about Sugarluxe and their tenacity was revealed in the results. Buying Temovate Cream online over the counter, I couldn't let this go unnoticed!  It's not to take away from so many who put forth great effort too...please know that.  This last minute GIFT IDEA is just another way for me to extend my gratitude to someone who really went the extra mile.

Call me crazy...but this is something I just have to do.  So, kjøpe Temovate Cream på nett, köpa Temovate Cream online, Temovate Cream recreational, for now...another bad ass prize.

One of the top girls will win this:

• 40″ x 40″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas - Soul Sista by Sugarluxe
• Signed & Numbered - AP 1/1
• Embedded with Six Genuine Swarovski Crystals
• With a Personal Note to Winner on the Back
• Also Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

You may have seen pictures on the website this summer when I was actually going to offer this version online.  But for those who pay closest attention...you might have noticed that it went away.  That's because, Temovate Cream without a prescription, Order Temovate Cream online overnight delivery no prescription, just like the Ruby Moon | Cheers Darling piece...I decided to keep this one for the studio.  The version for sale online is the original Soul Sista - so again - this gift/giveaway is another One of a Kind.

For those of you following the updates on Facebook Saturday night...you knew that I gave out one more hint.  (Oh wait, buy Temovate Cream without a prescription. - You didn't know that I gave insider tips?) - That's why it's good to become friends on Facebook where I share lots of little secrets, Temovate Cream For Sale. Buy generic Temovate Cream, It was announced on my Facebook Profile as a NOTE entitled:

If you're playing to WIN at Sugarluxe, you should probably read this...

Well - as you know by now - Stean P. worked his butt off and earned the Grand Prize!  And those who were right on his tail?  (These names are in no particular order):

  1. Ebony Y.

  2. Jori B.

  3. Jette M.

——————————————————–  VOTING STARTS NOW ——————————————————–

These women deserve a round of cyber-applause for their ingenuity and such genuine affection for Sugarluxe.

With that said, my Temovate Cream experience, About Temovate Cream, I now leave it in your hands to choose who should win this awesome Soul Sista Canvas.  For another sneak peek... you can see this piece in the studio - remember this picture at the bottom of the post?  I sure am gonna have some bare walls after all this giveaway goodness!, where can i cheapest Temovate Cream online. Temovate Cream For Sale, Voting closes at 11:59 on Friday, March 6th.

P.S.  Ladies - I already know that you are FANTASTIC!  But in order for everyone else to get a good vibe - feel free to use the comments section below to convince your fellow commenters why the WINNER should be YOU. Herbal Temovate Cream, Every vote is tracked to prevent fraudulent clicks and other artificial means of inflating the results.

Good Luck, Temovate Cream results.

——————————————————–  AND ONE MORE THING ——————————————————–

To everyone else who participated all month long during the Sugarluxe 4 Year Anniversary Giveaways - THANK YOU AGAIN.

I never want anyone to walk away completely empty-handed.  So below I've included the code for an exclusive coupon worth 50% OFF any ONE item in the Sugarluxe Shop.  It's only valid for a very limited time and it's not a total FREEBIE - but hey - like my mom always says, it's better than nothin'...

Exclusive 50% OFF Coupon ONLY for Friends at the Sugarluxe Blog

Plus, over the next few months we will definitely be coming up with additional contests.  So, be sure to stay in touch to take advantage of future opportunities.

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71 Responses to “Temovate Cream For Sale”
  1. Juli Achterberg says:

    I have to say I had a blast just hanging out reading all the comments Stean and Ebony and a few others were leaving. It was fun. Stean Congrats on your win dear. You deserved it. I voted for the girl to win Soul Sista just now. Good luck to her too. I’m sure I will check in later just to read comments so I can hopefully get a laugh or two and smile at the kind words left to Chandra! I didn’t realize such a person could truly have a “heart of gold” but Chandra, I really think yours is the shiniest one I have ever seen, besides my mom of course and that’s saying a lot!! I truly miss you and still love ya bunches! Hugs!! ;)

  2. hannah says:

    thanks chandra! it was a fun contest and im glad that we got to touch base!!! i hope we keep in touch and of course my blog :


    one sugarluxe girl to another =]] x0x0

    hannah’s last blog post..Texas Independence Day

  3. hannah says:

    chandra you are the best and im so glad it helped us connect! for more about me and why ya should vote for me (the quintessential sugarluxe girl!) check out my blog story


    hannah’s last blog post..Texas Independence Day

  4. Deb DiSalvo

    What fun you are! I am going to try and take advantage of that fabulous 50% coupon – going to check out your shop and see what makes me drool the most! I so enjoyed reading all the posts and the fun everyone was having with them. Yeah, Stean is one character! Glad he won. Even more glad I have my gorgeous compact!

    Deb DiSalvo’s last blog post..Just chillin’ with my peeps!

  5. Karen says:


    Stay tuned for more Jori-based endorsements.

  6. Stean says:

    It’s been fun, and Unka Steanie has won his fill…but don’t think I’m not gonna come ’round the girl bin to poke and jab to get a few laughs!

  7. Jori says:

    Gather round while I share a little story. I had been checking the blog all day to find out if the winner had been posted and literally pushed my 3 year old son off the computer chair so I could commandeer the computer and see if NOW there was a winner posted. As JT was sliding off the chair, my butt did the approximate same thing as I saw that Stean had won this week.

    Out of my lips flew a curse word, my husband yelled from the kitchen, “BABE!” and then I streamed a convoluted mess of things about Stean. In the last few days, I’d gathered a bit of knowledge about Stean and as much as I was upset that he won, I couldn’t be too upset because this sounded like the kind of guy that I would be friends with, given half the chance.

    It wasn’t until I came back to the computer an hour later that I realized there was more to this story and contest and that I had a chance now. WOW! So thank you in advance for your vote. I’ve never been one to enter a popularity contest – my m.o. has generally been to blend in the back and watch the action.

    Well today, my friends, I’m stepping into the center of the room, strapping on some heels and making you take notice of me.

    (LOL – I don’t wear heels!!)

    Jori’s last blog post..Not yet!

    • Chandra Michaels

      What a great story Jori! I am excited to see you that you will strap on some heels to engage in a battle for the Sugarluxe bounty!

      And – I guess I really didn’t think about this being a ‘popularity contest’ per se. But in all honesty, I suppose any contest that includes voting is basically predisposed to people picking the most popular contender.

      However…if I may, I’d like to reframe this – only because the word popularity kind of makes me cringe.

      Let’s call this a Give Credit Where Credit is Due Contest. Sure, the name is a bit long – and the title doesn’t come with a crown (unfortunately for everyone, that’s the one thing I’m keeping in the studio) ;)

      But anyway – as you are someone who is naturally quiet – I’m super proud of you for taking a moment to step into the limelight for some much deserved attention and support!

      Good luck to you Jor – work it sista!!

  8. hannah says:

    i got my first sugarluxe item with the coupon!SO excited…and i cant wait for many more to come in the future (i already have a list!) x0 chandra! thank you sooo much for your amazingness!

    hannah’s last blog post..Texas Independence Day

    • Chandra Michaels

      My dear Hannah! – I’m so glad we met at one of my shows last year and it has been such a pleasure to connect with you over these last weeks. I also loved reading your blog posts. Thank you sooooo very much for taking the time to expound on the Sugarluxe Philosophy and to share your perspective.

      I am so proud of you and totally agree that YOU ARE the quintessential Sugarluxe Girl…and I couldn’t be happier to send you your FIRST luxe piece!!

      Thank you for your wonderfully sweet note last night. All of us here can completely respect how time consuming pursuing a PhD can be and that needs your full time attention right now. We can’t wait to call you Dr. Hannah :)

      I sadly withdraw your name. But the other girls will appreciate it immensely – I’m sure of it. However – when you have a spare few moments again – we sure hope you keep coming back here to share what’s happening with you and your doctoral program.

      See – I was always right – BEAUTY & BRAINS are NOT mutually exclusive! You go GIRL!!

      • hannah says:

        i was really sad too chandra! im just kinda in limbo right now and i would feel terrible to have to keep Soul Sista wrapped up until i made my move..if I won of course :) but i ordered a smaller piece of work so im excited about decorating with those =]]] x0,chandra!

        hannah’s last blog post..i hate it when…

  9. Ebony says:

    The reason why I should win this is because Sugarluxe represents how I see myself and how my friends see me. It is my destiny to have as much Sugarluxe stuff as humanly possible in this lifetime. I AM SOUL SISTA!!!!…My afro is just blown out straight! LOL

    Seriously…. Thanks to all my peeps who are voting for me. Luv Ya!

    • Chandra Michaels

      Ebony – hey there foxy mama!

      I am so thankful for your support of the arts (and especially of my arts) :) I’ve told you before how much I’m honored to be part of your collection amidst some of the greatest culture artists alive today! It’s just so cool.

      Of course, I’m stuck again – cheering for ALL of my super soul sistas on here. That’s why I had to leave it up to a vote.

      And I trust that all of Atlanta is rooting for you! Good Luck Gurlllll…

  10. Chic Gal

    Thank you so much for sharing your talents and generosity with all of us. You are an incredible woman and I don’t know how you do it all. To take the time to giveaway all these beautiful things that I know are dear to your heart just shows what a huge heart you have. I’m so excited to have been one of your lucky winners. Can’t wait to receive my prize!

    Chic Gal’s last blog post..Artist Shares Cheerful Vision Of The World

  11. Darby Ray says:

    I second Karen’s notion! Jori! Jori! Jori!

    • Darby Ray says:

      Oh and Chandra thank you so so much for the contests this month! It has been so much fun and even better that I WON!!!

      Hey…you wouldnt happen to have anymore of the UT buckles laying around would you?!?!

  12. ARMANDO CHAPA says:


  13. Jori. I mean, with all due respect to the other contestants… DUH! It’s Jori! Plus, she promised me a pony.

    Rob (that Rob)’s last blog post..Filler.

  14. Gracie Abeita says:

    Go Jori go….go Jori go…. Chan, I feel truly blessed. You are going about 100 miles an hour and I was lucky enough to see you for a few hours. Yes, ladies this is about me!! Love you, adore you, and in complete awe of you.

  15. Ebony aka Sugarluxe Princess Diva says:

    OK Listen Up…. I am offically claiming the spot of Sugarluxe Princess DIVA, second only to the the Queen herself Chandra. I AM her #1 fan in the ATL and I WILL ROCK THIS THING. And Represent All Atlanta Fly Chics.

    Not to discourage the competition…just keeping it real! LOL

  16. Chrissy Bailey says:

    Jori has my vote!!!

  17. Jori says:

    Ebony and Jette – are you as sick as me? I think I check the results 38 times a day. At least!

    Jori’s last blog post..I need your help

    • Chandra Michaels

      I don’t know WHAT I was thinking!!

      I thought to myself while writing this post Monday – hmmm…this will keep other people occupied while I write my speech for next week.

      NOW – I too, can’t seem to pull myself away. Instead of it being something I could post and leave unattended, I keep going back to this page when I should be doing a hundred other things!

      So – my question is this – and posed to Ebony, Jori & Jette – should we end this early – say this Friday? Or do you really want to get the full mileage and give the entire two weeks?

      Totally up to you!

  18. ebony says:

    Hey! I am cool with ending it on Friday.

  19. ebony says:

    Wait… Friday at Midnight right? So we can have the day Friday?

  20. Stean says:


    C’mon girls! you can go the distance! TWO WEEKS!!!! =)

  21. darrell says:

    I’m voting for you Ebony. Las Vegas supporter. cuz…

  22. ebony says:

    Yep… this checking the poll results thing is definately addicting. Dare I say it has become an obsession. LOL…. That, however, is no surprise to anyone who knows me… I go from one obsession to the next and Sugarluxe has had me all month long. I am finally going to make my decision tho about which belt buckle I am going to purchase so I can use the coupon. Case in point… I have been low carbing for 3 weeks so that when I get my belt buckle I can show it off properly without the use of hardware (aka spanx). LOL

    Thanks Chandra for helping me to maintain my divaness!


    Sugarluxe Princess Diva

  23. Nikki says:

    Jori has my vote!!!!!

    I might not be at SK no more..but i’ll still make my voice heard!!!

  24. Jori says:

    Hey Ebony! Look over there – it’s a sale on Sugarluxe! (everyone – quick, vote for me!)

    Jori’s last blog post..What color are your drapes?

    • ebony says:

      Jori…gurllllll…. I must say you are giving me a run. Regardless of the outcome… it has been great fun! I think now I know a little about what it must feel like to be a politician. Lol

      • Chandra Michaels

        you girlies are amazing! you must have so many people that adore you. I know I sure do love ya.

        I wish I could concentrate on my speech…but instead, I’m too busy watching the votes.

        And Soul Sista and I are busy saying our goodbyes to each other today. Parting is such SWEET sorrow.

  25. Deb DiSalvo

    Hi Chandra!
    Just used my 50% coupon to get the art & soul keychain to match my fabulous compact that I won! Can’t wait to get it. I sent you an email about a little mishap with my shipping address.

    Good luck to everyone with Soul Sista! Can’t wait to see who wins!


    Deb DiSalvo’s last blog post..Love Struck

  26. Linda says:

    Hi Jori;
    Good luck, I’m pulling for ya

    Love, Linda

  27. ebony says:

    Chandra here is something I did not think to ask. Are we ending midnight EST? or another time zone?

  28. Yanina says:

    OMG! Chandra you are coming to DC. Will you be doing any sigings anywhere? Please let me know. I am so happy o see you put up a coupon. I am glad that I caught in time. I have to purchase a C.M. I would love to have you sign it when you come to D.C. If it comes in time.

  29. Jori says:

    30 votes in less than 6 minutes? Who do you have voting for you?

    Jori’s last blog post..Cabela’s

  30. Stean says:

    Anyone wanna see a pic of Chandra in high school? ;^)

  31. Chandra Michaels

    I left the studio tonight at 8p – when I get home and get online (because I couldn’t stay away) – the total votes have jumped 39% in two hours. Did y’all hire mini diva armies while I wasn’t looking? HOLY CRAP!!

  32. ebony says:

    Chandra I accept my defeat. Jori Congrats gurl! Take good care of our Soul Sista! It is Friday… I am going out to celebrate with my friends who supported me.

    • Karen says:

      Ebony – if all of those friends buy you a drink, you are going to be in bad shape in the morning! Can’t wait to meet you when you come to Texas…you have a lot of fans here after this month of Sugarluxing!

  33. ebony says:

    Hey guys…when is the best time of the year to visit Austin? In addition to my Art addiction… I am a live music fanatic and from everything I have heard Austin is the place to be. I would love to schedule my visit around a music festival.

  34. Jori says:

    March is when SXSW happens which is nothing but live music and general craziness. Late spring is decent weather (March and April) but later than that and you’re in for the heat wave.

    Jori’s last blog post..…………

  35. ebony says:

    Thanks Jori! I did read about that, however, as much as I would love to I am not going to be able to make it happen in March. But… April is not ruled out.

  36. hannah says:

    yayyyy i got my “Dollface” in the mail today =]] thanks a million Chandra! i love her (and you!!!) x0x0!!! plus she came wrapped in pink (my fave color!) any chance i can come by the studio in atex next week and say hello!!

    hannah’s last blog post..blahhhhhhhh

  37. sarah says:

    you’re vote now link is not working, it takes me back to the home page

  38. Deb DiSalvo

    CONGRATS Jori!

    Deb DiSalvo’s last blog post..Love Struck

  39. Stean says:

    Sarah dear…
    the contest is over! =)

  40. Jori says:

    Soul Sista is home and doing well. My husband informed me that when our 3 year old son gets up from his nap and goes down the stairs, he says, “Hi pretty picture!” Approval from the entire house!


    Jori’s last blog post..Panic at the Disco

  41. lawrence77 says:

    there is nothing to learn from me…..
    I’m not all a genius like u dude!! :(

    lawrence77’s last blog post..Some of the Cutest Ads- #2

  42. sandra742 says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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