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Introducing the Brand New Sugarluxe Big Wall GraphicsThat's right my friends!  The Sugarluxe Big Wall Graphics have finally arrived.  And NOW I am ready to introduce them to you this week as part of our 4 Year Anniversary Celebration Inderal For Sale, .  Just imagine this 4 foot long Sugarluxe Girl on one of your walls. Online buy Inderal without a prescription, And you actually get a whole bunch of extra goodies for FREE.

Plus, we are not just giving away this gigantic graphic - we are giving away TWO.  So, Inderal maximum dosage, What is Inderal, there will be two lucky winners who will have their choice of the brunette or the blonde.

Sugarluxe Superstar Big Wall Graphics BlondeI'm so excited about the giveaways this week because this particular product has been part of my secret Sugarluxe plan for some time.  It took almost two years to find the right partners.  At the onset of the vinyl wall applique craze, discount Inderal, Inderal trusted pharmacy reviews, you could find cheap wall stickers from every sign printer on the planet.  I was asked by a handful of these big manufacturers if I would license some of my work.  But I just wasn't compelled to jump on the bandwagon for three simple reasons:

  1. I like to work with companies who appreciate art.

  2. I wanted my work to be on the absolute BEST material available.

  3. The color output had to be as close of a match to the original artwork as possible.

Most vinyl graphics companies gravitate toward one type of vinyl because it costs less and is easy to find.  But I wanted to work with a higher quality material so that I could be sure it was top quality like our other product lines.

Sugarluxe Big Wall Graphics are:

  1. Printed on Top of the Line Premium Media - Removable Adhesive Fabric

  2. Printed with environmentally conscious, effects of Inderal, Where can i cheapest Inderal online, but still totally vibrant Eco-Solvent Inks

  3. Truly Repositional + Will Not Harm Walls  (check it out below...I just put one up in my studio)

This week's BIG GIVEWAY PRIZES are brought to you by my excellent partners and producers of this super cool product - John and Tavia Doffing of START Moving Pictures and Jason Weisenthal of WallMonkeys.

But get this.., no prescription Inderal online.

While working on the test phase, John realized that there was extra space when we did the layouts, Inderal For Sale. Kjøpe Inderal på nett, köpa Inderal online, Instead of being wasteful with the materials...the team decided to utilize that space to give customers more for their money.  That's where the additional FREEBIES come in.

Superstar Sugarluxe Big Wall Graphics Brunette SheetWant It Now, <b>Inderal canada, mexico, india</b>.  <b>Inderal reviews</b>, If you check around will see vinyl laptop and iPhone cover art pieces often sell between $30-$40 just by themselves.  But with the purchase of Sugarluxe Big Wall Graphics (or this week - when you win) you get these extras for FREE.

I love that.

I love adding value and I love being able to create things that you might purchase for yourself...but then you also get a little extra goody you can give as a gift.

Want It Now.  <b>Online buying Inderal</b>, Those of you who were with me on Facebook during our final layout phase will remember our night of online design collaboration.  That was fun!

We went through a series of uploads and a few design choices for the iPhone covers specifically.  After tons of awesome feedback...we finally decided to give away three different iPhone covers (thanks to everyone who participated and gave such wonderful input to help finalize the process!)

So, here's what you WIN on your big 50" x 36" sheet:

• One Superstar Sugarluxe Girl Graphic (48" x 32")
One Laptop Cover Graphic (10.4" x 8.5")
• Three iPhone Cover Graphics (4.5" x 2.4")
• Small Sugarluxe Flower Graphic (3" diameter)
• Medium Sugarluxe Flower Graphic (5" diameter)
• Large Sugarluxe Flower Graphic (7" diameter)
• One Sugarluxe Logo Graphic (5" x 7")

Plus, generic Inderal, Purchase Inderal online no prescription, I added the flowers so that you can put them in her hair or maybe on your bathroom mirror.

And here's a close up of the iPhone graphic decals so you can get an idea.  They won't stick forever and they aren't shiny (because I didn't want shiny for your walls)...but I think they might be a fun, free way to dress up your iPhone.

Sugarluxe iPhone Cover Art Decals Graphics

And - I get to show off two designs that we don't currently sell anywhere else:  Seafoam Seaweed and Mushroom Lava!  You like?

In a few weeks, Inderal results, Buy Inderal from canada, these two lovely Superstar ladies will be available for purchase on the Sugarluxe Shop Website. But for now - you can win them here this week!  Or if you can't wait to see if you can head on over to visit my fabulous partners at WallMonkeys and START Moving Pictures.

If you go over to their sites, you will see that for the initial launch...they chose two additional artists  who also happen to be really amazing guys that I totally respect.

Legendary Spray Can Artist - Vulcan


Famous Urban Artist - Justin Bua.

So, australia, uk, us, usa, Inderal dangers, there you have it...

I know my post is much longer this week than in the giveways for Week 1 and Week 2 - but I was just so pumped to share the story behind how these things come to be.  I hope you are pumped about the possibility of winning!

Oh yes, and this photo gives you an idea about the size:

Who wants to win?

Chandra Michaels of Sugarluxe hanging Superstar Wall GraphicsNow look at my big, order Inderal online overnight delivery no prescription, Inderal mg, big smile...That's because it's so fun to hang your new wall graphic!   (Actually that's me trying to keep it from falling on my head - you should have two people to do it right!)

Chandra Michaels of Sugarluxe hanging Superstar Wall Graphics

If you want to win, make sure you are subscribed via email and that you leave a comment telling us what you think about the brand new Sugarluxe Wall Graphics.  Retail Value is $69.

Find out who the WINNERS were of last week’s FREEBIES.

Because I didn't get this posted until today - entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, purchase Inderal online, Inderal used for, February 22nd.  And this week's winners will be announced next Monday afternoon right before we post the final week's grand prize giveway.

P.S. Even the top cool hunter in the country thinks these ROCK!  See what Josh Spear says about these new Big Wall Graphics.

--------------------------------------------------------  WINNER'S ANNOUNCED --------------------------------------------------------

UPDATE February 23, order Inderal from mexican pharmacy, Cheap Inderal no rx, 2009:

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.

This week's winners were chosen by a computerized random number generator.  Every time you left a comment, Inderal brand name, Inderal price, coupon, blogged about Sugarluxe or promoted the contest to your friends, you earned extra numbered entries.  That means your name was entered once for each comment you left last week and up to ten times per any blog entry you've written this month highlighting the Sugarluxe Giveaways, Inderal without prescription. Buy cheap Inderal, And with that - I'm pleased to announce this week's lucky winners of the Sugarluxe Big Wall Graphics are:

  1. Lisa M. of Tulsa, OK

  2. Darby R, Inderal For Sale. of Austin, is Inderal addictive, Inderal images, TX

Please use our Contact Form to send your blonde or brunette selection and shipping information.

Your new Sugarluxe Girl will be shipped to you by our friends and manufacturers - WallMonkeys - based in Fanwood, Inderal from canada, Purchase Inderal for sale, NJ.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, buy Inderal online no prescription. Inderal natural, I hope you'll check back later this evening to see our GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY.


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58 Responses to “Inderal For Sale”
  1. Jori says:

    These are much better than staring at a football player ready to burst off the wall. But I can’t decide if I like the blonde or brunette better. They’re both gorgeous!

    Jori’s last blog post..Pants Problem

    • Chandra Michaels

      Thank you Jori! There are many Sugarluxe Girls I would like to see go “vinyl”…but we will wait to see what might come next.

      I really like this girl as a blonde. You know that already because you are so good at remembering everything I write!

      But as far as functionality goes…I would only pick the blonde if you’re going to put her on a wall that IS NOT white. Her hair, although a nice flaxen color :) wouldn’t show up very well.

    • Melissa Finnis says:

      OMG… I love this site!!!! Stean said to check out this site. I love the dolls, you should make one with red hair (because I have red locks). Totally cool!!!!

  2. Darby Ray says:

    I love these! I’m going to win people! I can feel it in my bones!

    • Chandra Michaels

      That’s one of the many things I love about your Darby! You have such a great competitive spirit and as competitive as I am too, I would never dare to go against you on the court.

    • Maggie Maye says:

      Holy crap, you were right! You’re a soothsayer! I’m going to need to ask you a few questions about my career and love life. Hahahaha…but seriously, congratulations.

      • Darby Ray says:

        I have been called many things, but I can honestly say this is my first time being called a soothsayer!

        Thanks again Chandra! This all has been so much fun!

  3. Ansley B says:

    Chandra, once again, truly amazing stuff. Kudos to you dear for all of your amazing and hard work.


    Ansley B’s last blog post..T-shirts from “H, E, Double Hockey Sticks”

    • Chandra Michaels

      Hi Ansley! I’m so pleased to have gotten to meet you and chat with you briefly this week. You are so, so sweet and I couldn’t be happier that we’ve connected.

      Thank you for all of your kind words and I can’t wait to do our interview together!

      Talk to you VERY soon.

  4. Sam says:

    My lovely friend Chandra,
    You are so going to know that I want these for my walls and of course be able to bring them to everyone here in Australia … tell me when they will be available?? Please, please, please with cherries on top :-)
    Love and hugs
    Sam (& Sassi)

    • Chandra Michaels

      My Lovely Super Sassi Sam! My favorite Aussie fashionista!!

      How happy I am to have you visit the blog. It’s the next best thing to you actually coming to the states. (Remember – we have a promise to actually meet in person one day in San Francisco)! Pinky swears.

      btw – for everyone else who visits here regulary, Sam is THE Sam I often refer to on the blog. She and her store Sassi Sam in Sydney are HUGE supporters of Sugarluxe. We heart you SAM!

  5. Deb DiSalvo

    WOW- this is like crazy time give-away! How awesome would it be to win this. You really amaze me Chandra!

    Deb DiSalvo’s last blog post..Cherries Jubilee

  6. I love your the iphone covers and just read that you have laptop covers..Yeah!!
    and the big wall art love love it!! Now you do not have to come and paint it on my wall.. LOL although that would be the coolest but I know your are a busy girl these days and in high demand.. You know I am a big fan! I have it on my myspace…LOL

    • Chandra Michaels

      Lisa – what an AWESOME comment that you made. You totally drove home the point that I COMPLETELY forgot to mention.

      That is the WHY behind why I’ve been thinking about doing these wall graphics for so long. I get so many mural requests from interior designers, store owners, etc…and I just don’t have enough arms.

      This is something that I hope can be THE NEXT BEST THING.

      P.S. Your big Sugarluxe box of goodies will be arriving to your store mid-next week. I really love your design choices. I think they will merchandise so well with your shop. Can’t wait for you to get it!

  7. Shannon says:

    These are so amazing!!! Sadly, I do not have a laptop or an iPhone – but I have friends who do…I am sending them this so they can enter for these really sweet prizes. These prizes are amazing…can’t wait to see what the big GRAND Prize for Week #4 will be!

    @ Chandra – I still need to send you my address for last weeks draw – just need to know how they will be sent so I can give you the best option! xoxo Shannon

    • Chandra Michaels

      Thank You VERY Much Shannon! We love and appreciate you spreading the word.

      Tell all of Canada if you can :)

      And…if there continues to be a no laptop or iPhone conundrum – maybe we can get some other responses going for alternative places to stick the free pieces.

      Anyone have some ideas?

      • Shannon says:

        Well, I can’t really say I know all of Canada but I do have a lot of cousins in Newfoundland – that covers much of the East Coast at least!!! But from reading your blog, I hear that there might be a Duke in Toronto who already is aquainted with you! LOL!!!

        But trust me, I am telling everyone I know about this! As for other ideas, perhaps the iPhone ones might work on the iPod Touch – they look almost the same size?

        • Tavia D. says:

          Hi Shannon and Chandra,

          I am so happy that with your Sugarluxe Big Wall Graphics, iphone covers, and laptop covers. I love the feel of the fabric, it’s kind of silky to the touch. As one of the folks who got mine first and as a non-iphone owner, I found a few other ways to use every last bit, because I couldn’t stand to waste a single piece. I wrapped one iphone cover around the boring pencil holder next to my desk, got out my scissors and jazzed up the back of my security key card (I’m going to get out the exacto-knife and make one for the front, too. If I had a garage door opener I’d Sugar it out as well!

          It’s awesome because if you don’t put it on great the first time you pull it off and put it back on. I actually walked around just putting it on stuff and pulling it off then realized that I’m going to need more iphone covers so I can make a complete set of little shotglass coasters!


  8. Joe Ramirez says:

    Why is this the first time i’ve heard about the giveaways?! Where the heck have i been? So I really want to win one of these (the blonde one is hawt!). Who do i give my first child and left arm to?

    • Chandra Michaels

      Hi Joe! Okay – quick question?

      Are you the Joe I got to meet last time I was in San Francisco at the Hotel Des Arts? If yes??! How happy I am to hear from you!

      Oh wait…that didn’t really come out right. Even if you’re not that particular Joe – I’m STILL SO happy to hear from you.

      btw – I want a child really bad and I could always use an extra arm (see comment above). So, we could make an arrangement.

  9. Chic Gal

    Oh my gosh…oh my gosh! I want to win this so badly. Imagine my office wall with this gorgeous Sugarluxe girl! I promise I will take a photo of it if I win. My Iphone is sooooo boring and my laptop is just plain blue. This Chic Gal wants to glam my life up with your designs Chandra!!! You know I’m partial to the blonde gal!

    Chic Gal’s last blog post..Princess Perfect

  10. Irene says:

    LOVE the wall graphics! Just what I need for my bare wall! I like them both but I think the brunette would look better in my room. Chandra, you are blessed with such an amazing talent. Congrats on all your successes and best wishes. Always. :)

  11. ebony says:

    OMG Chandra… your killing me…..I think I may have to get a part time job just for Sugarluxe purchases. I love the wall graphics…. Awesome!

    • Chandra Michaels

      Ebony – you always put me on top of the world. Considering you have such a growing collection and a deep appreciation for the artists who create the work you collect…I’m always honored by your support and friendship.

      One of the best things to have come from making my art available to Z Gallerie is that it allowed me the opportunity to meet you. You’re my girl!!

  12. Sonali says:

    Chandra, Thats a massive giveaway prizes! You know, i saw this lovely girl on your blog’s header and I said, Wow!! And, now we can have our chance to have this too, that is so generous of you!

    Sonali’s last blog post..15 Photoshop Tips (I Bet) You Don’t Know

  13. Halifax says:

    The graphic is fantastic. Love it! I already subscribed to the blog. Thanks

  14. Dawn Van Breemen-Wilks says:

    I WANT the BLONDE!!!!!! She would totally ROCK Rylee’s room…but I’m guessing Regan and Reese would throw a fit and want it in their room too : ) That’s what I get for having three blonde girls! I’ll be down your way April 6-7th…if you’re around…would love to see you and your studio. SUGARLUXE ROCKS!!!

  15. Steffie says:

    I asked Ms.Michaels ” who does your graphics their Great!”

    Not even realizing How much of a talented artist she was.. I just wanted to be her friend so bad… I didn’t even read below the surface. BUt know I’m here. and wondering How am I gonna get me one those beautiful SOULSISTA canvases… I have to put up 25 a month or something.

    • Chandra Michaels

      Thank you so much for your really nice compliments.

      I feel VERY fortunate that I get to make art that people seem to be drawn to and yes, there is a lot of stuff going on below the surface.

      I think that’s awesome that you decided to investigate it (me?) further :)

      Welcome Steffie. I am so glad you’re here.

  16. Karen says:

    Please oh please oh please…memememememememe.

  17. Karen says:

    Also, how could you possibly top this for week 4? I thought week 1 was fabulous, week 2 was fantastic and week 3 is NEW and COOL and IWANTITSOBAD…what could week 4 bring??

  18. Stean says:

    OK, so I come here under the guise of a contest last week, AND I WIN!!
    So now I have to admit, it’s all about (scroll up) seeing this artist at work. More pictures of the artist! I couldn’t have been more happy finding out that I won if I were neck deep in a big lady pile.
    Now, if you’ll just start selling Sugarluxe baby-T’s…I’d look SO CUTE! “Cchhht! that was a joke. Stoppit!”

  19. Stean says:

    Karen, I have it from good authority that week 4′s giveaway will include a monkey. Chandra has hand raised this monkey, and taught the little fella to paint, which is exactly what it will do when you win…it will paint Sugarluxe art on your walls. Now, he still doesn’t color in the lines, and likes poo better than paint, but he’s still a cute little guy. Just be sure to have plenty of whiskey and cigarettes…he smokes and drinks, and gets unruly if he doesn’t get his smoke. SO be sure to enter many times!
    That is all. Over.

  20. Maggie Maye says:

    OH MY GOSH!! I SO have to win this! I am in the process of decorating my room and came to the site to see if y’all even had wall graphics. Perfect timing! Seriously, though, must have!

  21. Lisa Dart says:

    OMG I love these!! I can’t believe I didn’t see this before now! I would love one of them for my wall!

    • Chandra Michaels

      Thank you Lisa! Welcome to the inner sanctum of Sugarluxe :)

      I really appreciate your fabulous feedback. And – that’s why I don’t choose the winners. With amazing compliments like this – I OF COURSE – want everyone to win.

  22. Shannon says:

    So GORGEOUS!!! and the size is unbelievable so lovely, i love her

    • Chandra Michaels

      Shannon – great to have you here.

      Thank you so much for your sweetness!! She is the exact size of the girl I painted in the Hotel Des Arts in San Fran…so yes, the size is nice and big.

      Since I left my heart there, (you know – in San Francisco) I figured this would be a good way to kind of replicate what you see/feel when you walk into the Sugarluxe Room at the hotel.

      Good luck to you, my dear!

  23. Darby Ray says:

    As excited as I am for this week’s contest I can’t stop thinking about next week’s! I’m going to be in Chandra contest withdrawl at the end of the month!

  24. Maggie Maye says:

    Quick question, Chandra: Do you think in the future you’ll make wall graphics with some of the other characters you have? I’d love to see a wall graphic with the Soul Sista (I heart your art).

    • Chandra Michaels

      Hi Maggie…

      Thank you for the wonderful comment and question. You know, I’m not exactly sure what I might release next, but I am almost 95% sure it’s going to be Soul Sista.

      I can’t help but feel so blessed that people share with me – a connection to her because she is one of my ALL-TIME favorites.

      Plus, don’t know if you can tell from the pictures in my studio above – but Soul Sista hangs on my wall which faces my main desk…so whenever I look up, she is the first thing I see.

      Would you like for me to send you an update when we finalize the next release?

      • Maggie Maye says:

        Oh my gosh, I love love LOVE Soul Sista! I think she looks a lot like me (sans the sweet fro). She’s my cartoon alter-ego. Please keep me updated for new releases!

        • Chandra Michaels

          Maggie – WOW!

          That kind of enthusiasm is what I live for. If Soul Sista is your alter-ego then all I can deduce is that you must be one HOT MAMA!

          You’ve just made my decision super easy. I’m not going to wait til next month to decide.

          Soul Sista it is. She will be the next Big Wall Graphic! Thanks for inspiring me!!

  25. Stean says:

    ok, so my monkey comment was the epitome of untimely bad taste…meh.
    On that other thing…I know you are wanting a kid…I’ll be baby sitting my nieces and nephew tomorrow night…they are already house broken, and I think I could make an arrangement if you want one of them. I will make a mannequin-dummy and nobody would know for a good while…enough time to at least disguise them with a dandy mustache and top hat…or whatever you choose (add extra ellipses here). Trade for Rock Candy or Love You on Canvas? =)
    PS…if you have a chimp, and he wants to go to Dairy Queen, and he’s the primary bread winner, you leave your hair OUT of the pony tail and TAKE HIS ASS for a ride to Dairy Queen! That’s all he wanted, after all. OR, just don’t live with a 200 lb chimp.

  26. Stean says:

    I am going to sweeten the deal! YES folks, fret not that you may not win this awesome giveaway, for I am throwing my hat in the ring and offering a runner up prize!* That’s right…first runner up will win:
    -one green tea with matcha sealed tea bag
    -two splenda packets
    -four “FOREVER” stamps…good…FOREVER!
    -one slightly used La Quinta notepad
    -anything else I can find that is small and flat to fit in the envelope.
    Winning the First Runner Up Prize DOES NOT render said winner ineligible for future Sugarluxe drawings; in fact, it’s such a miserable prize the winner SHOULD try to win a real goody in future drawings.
    *Sugarluxe and it’s affiliates are hereby released from obligation to any of this silliness…and if you choose to cause any grief, I will tell Chandra on you and make fun of you in the blogs.

  27. hannah says:

    i have to say i love the brunette girl =] its so fun to see all your creations!! maybe for the darker girl more of a contrast colored top (like a lighter color)? idk i think it looks fab the way it is! enter me into the contest chandra =]]]

    hannah’s last blog post..foreign goodies

    • Chandra Michaels

      Hi Hannah! Happy Friday…

      Thank you for your input. Which darker girl are you refering to about a more contrast color top?

      I’m not sure I’m following you completely. I always love more involved interaction with my work, so just wanted to clarify. THANKS!

  28. Chic Gal

    Congrats to Lisa M. She better watch out because I’m going to drive to her house (I’m in Tulsa too) and steal it off her wall!

    Chic Gal’s last blog post..Casseroles

  29. Darby Ray says:

    SHUT UP!!! I won! Woo hoo!!!! Go me! Go me! Thanks Chandra! I know just where it’s going!

  30. Lisa McCartney says:

    OMG!!! I had no idea I won anything until I got an email yesterday about the order I placed with you for the shop… Girl I won the motherload!! Holy Cow..
    I have never won anything! I am so excited and thinking I might pay attention a bit more to those lottery tickets I purchase every now and again… OMG.. I am just so excited!! Thank you! Thank you!!!

  31. meggi says:

    wow!!! your art is amazing, why havent i heard of you before ?!?!


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