Lexapro For Sale

Sugarluxe Art & Soul Mirror Crystal Cosmetic Compact Lexapro For Sale, WIN this dual mirror compact for yourself or your girlfriend - just in time for Valentine's Day.

This design, Lexapro brand name, Cheap Lexapro no rx, originally created for the Art & Soul Showcase to benefit the Austin Children's Shelter, has never before been offered on one of our Sugarluxe Compacts, online buying Lexapro. Lexapro dangers, I have ONLY made THREE of these compacts for this very special occasion...and these pretty little accessories will go to THREE LUCKY WINNERS in this week's current giveaway contest to celebrate our 4th Anniversary at Sugarluxe.

Sugarluxe launched on February 14th, Lexapro results, Herbal Lexapro, 2005 and it sure has been a wild world filled with sweet surPRIZES ever since.

As a way of thanking our super awesome friends...I thought I would do a weekly contest and give away some unique goodies that you can't get anywhere else. No purchase is necessary to win.  And if you have any questions about HOW TO ENTER  - be sure to check out the official rules, where to buy Lexapro.

This week's FREEBIE is a Limited Edition (of 3).  How do ya like that for super limited - Hot Pink Tattoo Heart Mirror Compact, Lexapro For Sale. Lexapro price, coupon, Each compact is made right here in the Sugarluxe Studio and is meticulously crafted and dipped in silver.  The double mirror cosmetic compact is then coated with a protective layer of lacquer to help prevent tarnish.

The artwork is created using soft luster pigments and fired into a durable glass-composite, what is Lexapro. Lexapro from canada, Your FREE PRIZE will arrive wrapped in tissue, placed in a plastic sleeve, Lexapro photos, Taking Lexapro, inserted into a white Sugarluxe Logo gift box with a velvet drawstring pouch for safe keeping.  Retail Value is $34 USD.

Made just for you - with all my Art & Soul, Lexapro steet value. Lexapro For Sale, Oh yes - and be sure to subscribe via email and leave a comment if you'd like to win.  This week's contest will end at midnight on February 7th.  Winners will be listed on this post on Sunday.  THANKS. Lexapro dose, --------------------------------------------------------  WINNER'S ANNOUNCED --------------------------------------------------------

It's Sunday night and the Winner's Names have been drawn.

But first, buying Lexapro online over the counter, Fast shipping Lexapro, I had to make my way over to my Facebook page.  I made a wall post and requested that someone (who did not enter the contest) pick three numbers between 1 and 93.

  1. That's officially the number of entries we had including comments here, Lexapro pics, No prescription Lexapro online, extra credits for blog entries and facebook posts.

  2. Thank goodness my diplomatic friend, Melanie Spencer, who just left the Austin American Statesman last week for her new job as Press Secretary to Texas First Lady, Lexapro recreational, Where can i order Lexapro without prescription, Anita Perry - responded to my request and posted three random numbers on my Facebook Wall.

  3. Here's what she wrote:  2, 6, Lexapro blogs, Comprar en línea Lexapro, comprar Lexapro baratos, and 60.

And with that - here are the Winners of the Art & Soul Compacts:

  1. Elisa B. - Austin, Lexapro australia, uk, us, usa, Order Lexapro online overnight delivery no prescription, TX

  2. Stacy C. - New York, Lexapro no rx, Buy no prescription Lexapro online, NY

  3. Deb D. - Dublin, Lexapro natural, Cheap Lexapro, OH

Please use our Contact Form to send us your shipping information.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, online Lexapro without a prescription. Lexapro reviews, I hope you'll check back tomorrow to see the NEW PRIZES for this week's GIVEAWAYS.  More winners to come... Lexapro description. Lexapro class. Lexapro trusted pharmacy reviews.

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44 Responses to “Lexapro For Sale”
  1. Juli Achterberg says:

    Hey Chandra. How cute is that compact??? I want one so I’m entering your giveaway. LOL! :) I am probably gonna try and get one of your canvas paintings this month for my daughters room, since you have them $100.00 off. Its the Rockstar one that u painted for your husband. I just gotta talk to my man first and see if we can splurge right now after buying a house. I think u had 5 left. Anyways, I’ll let ya know. TTYL! Hugs sweetness!

    Love ya,

  2. Elisa B. says:

    OMG, I just LOVE, LOVE this compact…it’s a little bit girly, a little bit rock n’ roll, love it!!

  3. Coleen says:

    Chandra! You know I love you. I love your art and I love how genuine you are. (Such a Love Fest!)

    Of course I will be posting a little something on my blog about your giveaway. What a fantastic idea!

    I also want to tell you that I love the new site. I’m so proud and excited for you.

    Go Chandra! *Hugs*

    Coleen’s last blog post..You’ve come a long way, Baby…

  4. Coleen says:

    Oh, and FYI, I stumbled your giveaways page and this post. Hope it brings you a lot of traffic my dear! xoxoxox

    Coleen’s last blog post..You’ve come a long way, Baby…

  5. Chandra Michaels

    @Juli – You’re FABULOUS and the FIRST one too…did you see this post come through on Facebook? Wow – thanks for being so awesome and quick. BTW – no pressure or anything :) – but we have only 2 Rock Candy Artist’s Proofs left. The inventory hasn’t updated since we posted the sale last night. However, we will be doing an open edition run after that. They won’t be numbered…but since it’s for your girl – that might not matter. Either way – would love to send you guys one!!

    @Elisa – we seem to have identical tastes – I can’t wait for us to meet in person one day. I love girly rock stuff! And I thank you for ALL the times you buy/give Sugarluxe Gifts, I just appreciate you more than I can say.

    @Coleen – OMG! I’m so happy to hear from you! I hope married life is blissful and that your design business is doing super well. A HUGE THANK YOU for stumbling this – you are magnificent! Always.

  6. Stacy says:

    LOVE this compact….funky, hip and best of all – PINK! I’m in love with Sugarluxe in general. I just bought my first Sweet Art canvas print the other day (that I proudly boasted about in my Facebook status)!! Dollface looks beautiful above my dining room table! :)

  7. Chandra Michaels

    Hi Stacy! Thanks so much for the AMAZING feedback. It’s so nice to meet you. Where did you buy/find the Sweet Art Dollface piece?

    I hope we get to see a picture of your dining room. That would be so cool.

  8. Jennifer H. says:

    I want to win. I want to win! I would love to win one of these compacts. My mom got me a Sugarluxe Card Case for Christmas and now I want a compact too.I think she was going to get me one for Valentine’s, but I’d love to try to win one first.

    And, if I knew how to make a blog so that I could write all about Sugarluxe, I totally would do it. But I don’t have a blog or a website. I just spend all my time on yours instead :)

    Hurray for all the beautiful stuff you do. Hurray for me too – if I win.

  9. This compact is SO cute. I love girly things like this!! I hope I win! I’ve already entered my email subscription, so here is my comment. I’ll also create a blog post entry for the site, definitely!

  10. Steanson Parks, Jr. says:

    I’m not embarrassed to to say that I am a guy that simply loves your art…this weekly giveaway would make a great gift for one of my nieces; you see, not just because it would be be a cool gift. The bigger message is that with hard work, dedication and devotion, they TOO can do something big with their art! You really ARE quite an inspiration to so many; I am sure you know that but it’s always nice to hear it.
    Peace & Love,

  11. Chandra Michaels

    @Jennifer – Thanks to you for your support and thank your mom for me for her purchase. I am never more honored than when someone chooses something from Sugarluxe as a special gift. (even if you are the one who asked her to get it!)!! I just realized how hard this is going to be because I want everyone to win.

    @Heather – Hi there! Welcome and I am so pleased to get to know you. I am definitely following your comments on the other posts and I appreciate it (and you) so much. We look forward to checking out your blog and I must say, I’m totally impressed with your proactive approach via email the other day that got forwarded to me. You’re so smart and of course, I think SMART GIRLS RULE!

  12. Shannon says:

    Love Love Love all of it…just when I thought I was gonna let the economy win over my desire to have the Ruby Moon on Canvas, you go and reduce $100 off the price! Now my sensible self is warring with my need to have this incredible piece of artwork – perhaps winning the compact will sway my sensibilities! Congrats on 4 amazing years with the site, your beautiful artwork and Cheers to success and happiness in the future!

  13. Jori says:

    Who doesn’t want to win? They’d be crazy not to trip over themselves to submit a comment. I can’t wait to see what the next Freebie is. Thank you Chandra!

    Jori’s last blog post..Me no likey talkey

  14. Gina says:

    Wow I hope I win!!! I love your artwork! I’d luv to win this compact, then I could carry around your artwork with me.
    I love the clean lines and colors or you work. It reminds me of Patrick Nagle. Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to your new pieces.
    *Always a fan* Gina

  15. Charlene says:

    This compact is so super cool! I love that this design was used for such a great cause. I would love it win it, but there is no way I would give it away. Let them get their own!

    Thanks for the art with a heart.

  16. Chandra Michaels

    @Stean – You must know how much I love hearing that. AND did you know that almost 40% of our sales are to the fellas now? You were just ahead of the curve and definitely a trend setter!

    But besides you – most guys didn’t know Sugarluxe existed for the first two years. That is until Shepard Fairey (Obama Poster Artist) and I were brought to San Francisco at the same time to complete our rooms for the Hotel Des Arts and one morning we all went to breakfast together…and BAM – I suddenly earned instant “street cred” with the guys. Yo!

    Ah well…I digress…as usual…and I like ellipses.

    Thank you for ALL your fantastic support Stean! I truly appreciate it!

  17. Chandra Michaels

    @Shannon – Hi there! I am so glad to get to chat with you directly because we wanted to email you this week after I decided on Monday to do the $100 off special for the month.

    I was hoping that would help since shipping to Canada can be so expensive for a large piece. You were a total inspiration for me to execute the idea of a BIG special like this because it means so much to me when people love and really want the artwork. It’s always been a financial challenge to not source work and make it as affordable as possible as an independent artist.

    Some artists and particularly galleries feel like low prices debase the art. I don’t see it that way at all. To me it’s SOOOO completely worth it when I get to connect with people through my work. That’s the WHOLE reason I do what I do.

    So thank you very much for the sweet words and wishes for success. That’s what keeps me going!

  18. Karen says:

    Chandra – Congrats on four great years of Sugarluxe. I know how hard you have worked to get where you are, and you are truly my idol. I would say my inspiration, but even your excellent example couldn’t compel me to work 18-hour days!

    I love showing people your work and (self-serving) showing off that I know someone as cool as you…especially with your street cred, yo.

    Your work is fabu..and you are too!

  19. mindy says:

    looks beautiful thanks for the giveaway

  20. Stacy says:

    Hi Chandra – I’m writing back again! You asked where I got my Dollface canvas print (157/2500)…well there was serious “stalking” going on and much ado, but I found it at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It took awhile to locate one in mint condition, but it was worth all the trouble!! I had one store call another store who called another store to find the perfect one (I even traveled in the sleet to pick it up because they held it for me!!). I’d be happy to show you a pic of it hanging above my dining room table, but first I’d like to purchase 2 or 4 of the paper prints from your website to display on either side. I think I will find the perfect frame/matting first, then that will determine which size prints to get. I live in Manhattan, but am from Texas so I am thinking I must have the “I Love NY” and the “Southern Charm” prints for sure! LOL! :)

  21. Becky says:

    That is amazingly pretty! I hope I win. Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com

  22. kim v says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Kathy D says:

    I just started collecting compacts… Thank you for the contest

  24. Angela C says:

    I love it! Who would have thought that a compact could be so cool.
    Please enter me for a chance to win such a awesome prize:)
    angelacisco at rocketmail.com

    Angela C’s last blog post..

  25. Halifax says:

    Congrats for 4 years and more to come. It’s sweet that you have weekly giveaways for the whole month. Love the prize this week. Thanks

  26. Maria says:

    I wish you could see how high I’m raising my arm, yelling out – ME ME ME! I want to win.

    I love everything you do. I saw this heart tat on one of your other posts and was thinking when I saw it that I wished I could get that on a tshirt.

    I see on your MySpace page all the time that people ask you about doing their tattoos and when your going to put out shirts. I’m waiting and hoping for both.

  27. Deb DiSalvo

    I MUST, MUST, MUST enter for this FABULOUS mirror compact – I’m in love with it! Did I mention my birthday is Feb. 13th??? (…and I’m turning 40???) LOL – nothing like a little brown-nosing, huh?! Seriously, I’m so into tattoo-themed items and LOVE “Art & Soul” saying – that is so me! Will you be making any more of these? Please let me know.
    Thank you!

    Deb DiSalvo’s last blog post..First firing

  28. Gayle J says:

    I have never seen such a pretty compact! thanks for the giveaway

  29. Cathy W. says:

    The compact is gorgeous and the story behind the creation is awesome. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity to actually own one of them.

    I subscribed.

  30. Chandra Michaels

    I’m so sorry that I didn’t get back on here sooner! These are some really amazing comments and I feel totally pumped by this incredible feedback. Thank you so much.

    I, in my typical nature, want to address everyone personally like I started doing at the beginning of the week…and I will because I adore you for taking time to “play with me”.

    But I had to get busy creating next week’s prizes and we are hard at work getting our Valentine’s orders out this week…so I will definitely be back here this weekend when the winners are selected and the next prizes are announced!

  31. Susan Lee says:

    I already have your covergirl compact. I love it and would love to win this one. I really want to give it to my mom for Valentine’s Day. She is single for the first time in years and I think it would be great for her to get something so pretty like this.

  32. Christina Brunetti says:

    I would love to have this.


  33. Deb DiSalvo

    sooooo excited about this – I’ll keep checking back to see who won!

    Deb DiSalvo’s last blog post..Bisqued and Ready for Glaze

  34. Shannon says:

    I’ve been checking the site all day to see who won…fingers crossed. Can’t wait to see the next contest!

  35. Chandra Michaels

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

    I’m ready and just put out the call on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/people/Chandra-Michaels/1065461371/ – for one of my friends to select three numbers.

    Everyone who has commented, written a blog post, and/or did a tagged FB post has a corresponding number of entries that are numbered.

    I’m anxiously waiting to see what numbers are chosen and whose names match up to those numbers selected.

    I will be back soon with the WINNERS NAMES!

    Cheers to you,

  36. Deb DiSalvo

    I’ll have to check in tomorrow – I know we’re in a different time zone, but I’m off to get my son to bed. Good luck to everyone!

    Deb DiSalvo’s last blog post..Bisqued and Ready for Glaze

  37. Elisa B. says:

    OMG CHANDRA I can’t believe I’m one of the winners, I hope there isn’t another Elisa out there ha-ha!!!

    I was praying that I would win, I NEVER win anything, my daughter is the one with all the luck, she was born on 7-11 & weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. so I guess that says it all. And she really does win everything from stereos to Schlitterbahn tickets to parties @ Chuck E Cheese to iPods.

    THANK YOU so much for your generosity & for being so SWEET!! I can’t wait to see what the next giveaway is even though I can’t enter. ;) But it’s just so exciting to see what your next creation will be. You’re such an inspiration & CONGRATULATIONS on your four years of SUGARLUXE with many more to come.

    Elisa B.

    Elisa B.’s last blog post..My Favorite Things

    • Chandra Michaels

      Congratulations Elisa! Your’s was the first number chosen by Melanie, so I hope that’s the beginning of much more GOOD LUCK coming your way.

      This doesn’t sound very humble of me…but I actually think these 3 compacts look even cuter in person than in the picture. Sometimes it’s hard to capture the essence of the piece.

      So, I hope you will absolutely love it!

  38. Deb DiSalvo

    You just made my entire week! I am so excited – thank you , thank you, thank you!!!! can’t wait to show it off to all my friends! Its funny, because I usually NEVER enter any contests and I was hoping so bad to be able to win this. I am going to do a big post in my blog about your shop and your contests!
    You’re the best.

    Deb DiSalvo’s last blog post..Finished Pizza Clock

    • Chandra Michaels

      CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Early Birthday Deb!

      40? This is a really BIG and IMPORTANT year for you and I’m honored to get to be a small part of kicking it off.

      Ya know… I get a lot of lurker artists that come on here to see what I’m up to…but you were one of the VERY first to come out, comment and say hi. I truly appreciate and respect that so much.

      I didn’t know you were from Dublin! Even though I’m a Longhorn, my parents are Buckeyes…so, I won’t hold the Ohio State location against you :)

  39. Stacy says:

    Oh wow, what a wonderful surprise….thank you so much!!! I can’t wait to get it and flaunt it! :)

    • Chandra Michaels

      HI Stacy! I’m really so pleased to have met you this past week. Now you know – if you’re EVER looking for anything from Sugarluxe – you don’t have to run around every Bed, Bath & Beyond in New York. Although I’m really pleased they were so helpful…selfishly, I love getting to meet people directly.

      How WONDERFUL that this giveway contest gave me that chance.

      I can’t wait to see pics of your space when it’s completed. And I hope you will love your NEW compact.



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