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Sugarluxe New Web Design 2009

The BRAND NEW Sugarluxe Website is live, lookin' good and I sure hope you LOVE it like we do!  If you're on our private VIP list, you already know about the improved site.

If you stumbled onto Sugarluxe for the first time this past month, you already know about it too...and because we outperformed all forecasts for new traffic and direct sales, even in slumpy economic times, I think every single minute of the 784 hours to complete the migration is going to be totally worth it. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

Sugarluxe Art Gallery

Few people know that our original site was all hand-coded.  We didn't have a shopping cart platform and the site didn't pull from any pre-fab templates.  That means every single page (over 900) had to be changed one at a time if we wanted to add a product or category, or make any updates to the navigation.  It was such a nightmare, online buy Aldactone without a prescription. Purchase Aldactone online, Not to mention, the back-end was totally chaotic.  In retrospect, get Aldactone, Online buying Aldactone, I don't know how we handled our volume of sales with such little automation.

But the idea of developing a new site right before the holidays was a nothing short of insane!  A week into the project (back in October), Aldactone alternatives, Aldactone mg, it looked practically impossible to go live by December.  For some ridiculous reason, my life is full of self-imposed deadlines that make me nutty.  I think I might work on doing that a little less in the New Year, Aldactone interactions. Canada, mexico, india,

Sugarluxe Archival Paper Print Giclees

Yet, when it comes right down to it...the foundation of this company was built upon the importance of signature imagery and usability.  Whether we are talking about product development or a website overhaul - it can't just look fantastic, Aldactone without prescription, Aldactone cost, it has to be functional.

It was time for an update, Buy Aldactone Without Prescription.

Despite the intense amount of work, Aldactone trusted pharmacy reviews, Fast shipping Aldactone, I am so, so happy that we are now on such a sophisticated, buy Aldactone from mexico, No prescription Aldactone online, user-friendly software system.  It's heavenly.

Here are some of the things that I am just so excited about:

  1. We've built a back-end customer database so anyone can create a personal Gift Registry.

  2. We finally have a site-wide search mechanism with thousands of programmed terms.

  3. Our shipping is fully integrated, Aldactone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Low dose Aldactone, so you can log onto your Sugarluxe Account for tracking.

  4. We've designed a breadcrumb trail in all categories for much easier navigation.

  5. We now have the functionality for every customer to provide their opinion with Product Reviews.

  6. Sugarluxe Partners can now log in to see their special pricing without waiting until checkout.

  7. We now offer Sugarluxe Gift Certificates in multiple denominations for convenient gift giving options.

  8. We've posted new product lines including the SMART Collection Cufflinks and Collectible Paper Prints.

  9. The entire Sugarluxe Website loads much more quickly...saving you time when shopping.

  10. Specials are so much easier to update, so we will be offering many more deals to our VIPs!

Today, Aldactone schedule, Purchase Aldactone for sale, it's pretty easy for someone who wants to launch an online store to start within a matter of days.  Technology has come a long way.  With portable shopping widgets, blog plugins, Aldactone pharmacy, Australia, uk, us, usa, sites like Poketo, Etsy, Aldactone treatment, Buy Aldactone from canada, Zazzle, and more...anyone can sell their stuff online.  But even with progress and all these portals, where can i buy Aldactone online, Where can i order Aldactone without prescription, I still believe that if you want to create a real SHOULD build your own retail website (at least in addition to your pages on the crowdsourced sites).

My vision has always been to compete with some of the biggest shopping sites online.  Not in terms of sales (although that wouldn't suck), Aldactone long term. Aldactone samples, I'm not aiming to be the size of Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus, but that doesn't mean I won't try really hard to emulate the experience, effects of Aldactone. Aldactone used for, Like most of the undertakings at Sugarluxe, this was no easy task.  But I hope you find that as we continue to grow, Aldactone blogs, Aldactone from canadian pharmacy, we make every single improvement with you in mind.

I feel pretty good about all of the enhanced features, Aldactone overnight, Real brand Aldactone online, the project was certainly a good investment.  But the best part is - I'm actually now a firm believer that if you build it - they will come.

What is your favorite part?  Have you explored the new site?  Have you left a review?  It would be great to get your feedback.., Aldactone recreational. Rx free Aldactone.

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10 Responses to “Buy Aldactone Without Prescription”
  1. It’s fantastic! So much more seamless and pro styled (though I think it really was already), but I love how you can purchase directly from your site. Everything is there! I’m having a hard time finding a web designer I can afford to do something like this. Currently I use foliosnap’s site and they have buying features, however you can’t even tell you can buy anything. I either have to make a page that shows how you can buy, or move on from them. ;) Great work Chandra! I have anxiety with deadlines and planned events myself. Don’t even matter if I’m excited about it. Just having something planned out makes me nervy. ;D

  2. Chandra Michaels

    Natasha…it is always fantabulous to hear from you. Since you are in the same space and doing so much work to make your art available – it’s reinforcing to get feedback from another self-represented, indie artist who understands how much freakin’ work it is (and how expensive, too!)

    I spent almost a year researching the software that was right for us. It wasn’t an easy or cheap endeavor, that’s for sure…but the more you know about html, php, ajax, java, flash, etc (and I know you are super web savvy) the better deals you can negotiate because you’re armed with knowledge about what it takes to get the job done.

    And – this may just be semantics…but have you tried looking specifically for a web developer? Web design is great for portfolios and such, but when it comes to ecom, software and dev skills are much more important than design skills. Great developers still cost a pretty penny, but maybe less in the long run because they can build a more scalable site.

    P.S. It’s probably obvious I know lots of smart web peoples. Lemme know if you ever need me to hook you up.

  3. I’m new to the site, and I must say I’m really loving it!! I think it’s very girly, feminine and also professional. I definitely hope to be shopping on here soon.

  4. hdizzle says:

    i love it too! but what happened to your UT cardholders/collection!

    • Chandra Michaels

      Thank you Hannah!

      In my studio I maintain a nice stash from the UT collection. The University Co-op sells it and I believe the Blanton Museum of Art might have some of it in their gift shop (although I think the BMA has mostly moved to carry Sugarluxe art specifically).

      But you made a very astute observation. We did discontinue those items on the website.

      My whole premise in spending the two and half years it took to get the official licensing status through UT was so that I could give back to the school that I love. That was my only reason…a nod to my alma mater.

      But AS SOON AS our UT Collection went online and we went public with it…my team was swarmed with requests to do Notre Dame, UCLA, Ohio State, Texas A&M…the list goes on. And the requests were constant.

      As an artist, I have never had a dream to be a maker of licensed college merch…there are big factories in China dedicated to that. So, instead of spending huge amounts of time trying to explain that to people – I opted to stop and make sure my full focus is on Sugarluxe…and I continue to support my University in other ways.

      Sorry this seems to be a way long explanation…but I realized I had never discussed it publicly and you asked a great question.

      If you ever need some special Sugarluxe/UT goodies…I’m happy to hook you up with something from my private reserve! :)

  5. Hey! I was talking about a cartoon character I’d love designed one day and was describing it and a friend at work told me we did a story about you once (news 8) I googled you and here I am! BEAUTIFUL site! BEAUTIFUL work! I LOVE it!! Wow, you are so talented girl!

    Do you happen to make digital characters too?

    Jenn aka Future mama’s last blog post..The Plague

  6. Stean says:

    Funny thing…going to your blog and your site is my own meditation.
    I feel relaxed, yet charges after scrolling through your work. Thanks for the therapy. ;^)

  7. Olga says:

    I nеedeԁ to thank you for this wondеrful read!
    ! I certainly enjoyеԁ every lіttle
    bit of it. I hаve got yοu bοokmaгked to lоok at new ѕtuff you post…


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