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Buy Xalatan Without Prescription, Donald Trump does it, P Diddy did it, even midwestern textile designer - Amy Butler - is doing it and it all begins behind closed doors.

Donal Trump P Diddy & Amy Butler

It's called: THE LICENSING DEAL...

Why do BIG designers and FAMOUS celebrities put their names on manufacturers products created for major retailers.

In short -- there is only one true answer -- SMART MONEY.

When other people pshaw Vera Wang for creating Simply Vera for Kohls, Xalatan from mexico, Cindy Crawford Home for Rooms to Go, Xalatan photos, or Martha Stewart at Michaels (AND Macy's)...I just watch and learn.

If you don't like the mall, detest discount stores or believe boutiques are the ONLY place to buy all your heart desires...well, doses Xalatan work, then, Order Xalatan no prescription, okay?.

Sugarluxe accessories are available in hundreds of boutiques around the world. We've hand-selected each store and truly admire the proprietors of these establishments -

Soigne Boutique in Austin, Texas

A few of my all-time favorites that we've been with since they first opened their doors are:

  • Soigne Boutique in Central Austin

  • Patricia Junes Boutique on Melrose in Los Angeles

  • Ginger & Koi Boutique in Kailua Kona, Hawaii

  • So Absolutely Fabulous in Temecula, Californa

  • Sassi Sam in New South Wales, Australia

Patricia Junes Boutique Melrose Ave

And I typically offer exclusives, so that these small business owners can trust that I won't go down the street to their competition, Buy Xalatan Without Prescription. With that kind of business philosophy, Xalatan street price, it's probably apparent that boutiques will never be my bread and butter. Online buying Xalatan hcl, I just really love working with other women who also work very hard to run a business of their own.

So, yes - I shop at these places whenever I can, Xalatan results. But I love Bed, Is Xalatan safe, Bath & Beyond and Target, too. Buy Xalatan Without Prescription, Those who have a lot of money but are wise about spending it, or for those whose financial cup does not yet runneth over...big brand names today are but a chain store away. And I for one - am so glad for that, buying Xalatan online over the counter.

Starting a business really forced me to be more frugal than I had ever been in my life. Xalatan for sale, I was raised to love a good bargain, but it wasn't until I became a true bootstrap entrepreneur that I understood what it meant to really NEED to find a good deal.

From the outside looking would be easy to say that I'm cheap (not in a hookerish way) just thrifty, buy no prescription Xalatan online. But really, when you're here on the inside, you understand that it's all very strategic, Buy Xalatan Without Prescription.

In the same way that I want my hard-earned dollars to go as far as possible, Kjøpe Xalatan på nett, köpa Xalatan online, I have the same desires for my work. I do, the business people I want to emulate, Xalatan use, it was clear to me from the outset that LICENSING would be a significant way to achieve that. Where can i buy cheapest Xalatan online, Here's why:

My whole life, my dad instilled in me the MAGIC of MAILBOX MONEY. He would always talk to me about what investors call - PASSIVE INCOME, Xalatan description. Buy Xalatan Without Prescription, In other words, do the work, sell the rights and get royalties. Checks coming every month in the mail for the work you did - once. Xalatan mg, He instilled in me a deep desire for this type of financial freedom.

That's not typically how an artist thinks, yet an artist who aspires to make art their business, buy Xalatan from mexico, could learn a lot from my dad.

But that makes it sound so easy, Cheap Xalatan no rx, huh. Want mailbox money. Do a licensing deal, Buy Xalatan Without Prescription.

Sure, Xalatan dangers, in theory, Xalatan long term, it's very simple. But how do you get there. How do you create a name, Xalatan no prescription, brand, Where to buy Xalatan, design or invention that someone else wants to pay you to license. That's the very, very - did I say very, purchase Xalatan online no prescription. Buy Xalatan Without Prescription, Tricky Part.

Now, Canada, mexico, india, let's go back to my friends Vera, Cindy and Martha.

They are incredibly savvy business women and one of the ways they've amassed a fortune is, Xalatan wiki, of course, Xalatan from canadian pharmacy, first being at the top of their game. But to build an empire. They would all agree with me - licensing is the key, buy Xalatan without prescription.

I will always love, shop for, and even create one of a kind, unique items that you can't find anywhere else...but those are splurges, Buy Xalatan Without Prescription. And my suspicion has always been that other people feel that way, What is Xalatan, too.

Partnering with small shops, creating original paintings, Xalatan from canada, designing custom surfboards (oh yes, Xalatan reviews, wait until you see) and hand-made items will be the work I live for. But it takes more than that. Getting your work into Big Box Retail is like getting drafted into the NFL, taking Xalatan. Buy Xalatan Without Prescription, It's a major deal.

And - it's not because I want to be famous, Xalatan brand name, not because I have to be rich - but only because I want to live a life I enjoy, connect with people through my work, and run my own company because I don't like anyone else to be the boss of me, Xalatan steet value.

My desires have always been THAT crystal clear - how I was going to get there and what I would have to do to attain those goals is a story that unfolds every single day. Fast shipping Xalatan, Sure - there are plenty of books, trade shows and websites that will teach you the tradional path by which to try to break into this business.

Hannah Montana Disney Display at the Internation Licensing Expo

But I find it rather difficult to compete with Disney, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. And I am far from a traditionalist, Buy Xalatan Without Prescription. Or remotely conventional. Or by the book. Ever.

Guess my point can be independent, you can do this without high-priced lawyers and lots of money, even successfully promote yourself without an agent or a manager (*hint* TalentDatabase is the BEST place to start!)...but you can't do it without being SMART, RELENTLESS and DETERMINED. Buy Xalatan Without Prescription, Two weeks ago (that's why I've been MIA) we finally launched our fifth major licensing deal...and the biggest one to date for Sugarluxe.

Placing over 10,000 new Sugarluxe items in 1000+ new stores, I couldn't be more excited. And my parents were so proud when they called me from the art section of the biggest home decor retailer in the nation. Moreso than if I would have sold one painting for $500 grand - they love seeing Sugarluxe on the shelves.

The BEST part is, I did this whole deal from the comfy convenience of my fabulous studio. Want to know how. Stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE NOW!.

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8 Responses to “Buy Xalatan Without Prescription”
  1. ack! That’s what I’ve been singing to every artist that asks me, “how do you do it?” Multiple sources of passive income is one of the greatest benefits I have now. Unfortunately, I learned many hard lessons, ironically AFTER I had known this part of the business. I thought I needed to step it up and work on a traditional campaign and a traditional business plan. Lost lots of my hard earned lil monies just to learn that I didn’t have to compete with the big corps or do one thing to be successful. Royalties are wonderful. But, definitely hard to amass if you haven’t already garnered name recognition.

    By the way, I saw one of your Giclees in Miley Cyrus’s home article in last month’s In Style!!! How cool is that! :) I like it when you see unexpected appearances of your art in places you weren’t notified about. While I was in Vegas for an art expo, I was watching one of my favorite shows on A&E and in the background was my art. I at first looked at it thinking, gee that’s some cool flowers. Who did that?” and then it clicked. Nothing like becoming a household name to keep you motivated. So much more exciting than making any amount of money in the world or achieving fame. Just knowing we can reach so many people, and in these many ways create a fulfilling lifestyle that allows us to have time for LIFE! :)

  2. I meant to say “to do the normal thing to be successful.”, not “ do one thing to be successful”. haha. definitely WORK REQUIRED! :P

  3. Callie says:

    I went all over the internet trying to find out about who did the print that was featured in Miley’s bedroom and I was so excited when i learned all about you. Now I tell my friends about you and I also thank you for talking to me on myspace.

    You are sweet and so talented. I totally look up to you.

    This is one awesome picture!

    Love your stuff!

  4. Robyn says:

    Wow….I JUST had this conversation with a friend of mine while we were working in NYC. Her goal is to have a passive income that is twice her expenses. She has been in the event planning business for 15 years and does what she does now as a means to an end. Not that she doesn’t enjoy it; but she is completely on board with the whole licensing thing…in fact, currently writing a book with plans for a whole package of resources.

    I, on the other hand, am newer at this gig, would completely do it for free (gasp!) and when she asked me how important money is to me, my answer was an easy “Not very”. (She nearly fell out of her chair!)

    Ironically, the next day we ran into a woman we know who told us she just cut a deal with General Mills and sold her all natural raw-foods nutrition bars. While I can definitely see the reasons for doing something like this, there is still a (naive?) part of me that can’t see letting go of this “baby” one has shed blood, sweat and tears over.

    I too love Target but adore the the thrill of having that unique find from a little boutique that no one else has.

    Your work is so beautiful that if I were to ever acquire one, it would feel much more special to me that not everyone else I know had one too! Is this the struggle between being the artist and the consumer?

    So much to learn, I know, but thank you for a SMART post that keeps me thinking.
    Your talent is off the charts and I still covet your amazing studio!! :)

  5. Robyn says:

    Oh, and one more thing…..thank you for the tip about TalentDataBase. Going to check it out immediately. Having friends who spend money hand over fist for agents, publicists, etc, I can’t swallow spendning that kind of cash as a small start-up but certainly desire the results they are seeing! Keeping my fingers crossed that TalentDataBase is a good fit for me. If it is, I will forevermore give you props and complete credit for sending me in the right direction! :)

  6. Chandra Michaels

    Thank you so much for your eloquent and poignant remarks.

    You have touched on the very point that I (as well as every other creative or entrepreneurial person I know) contends with. So, I appreciate the chance to elaborate on what has worked for me.

    After working as a freelancer, a creative director, etc for number of other companies back in the day…I grew weary of making everyone’s ideas come to fruition. It was time to follow my own dream.

    I love to shop and in my earlier years, was anything but wealthy. So, from an intent perspective, I know that I wanted to reach those who were probably a lot like me. Attracted to art, illustrations, products, packaging, shoes, cosmetics, not because there is much out there that is singularly unique or because no one else in the world has it…but only because there are things that I feel a personal connection to. Innovation is key. Inaccessability to those who love what you do seems counter-intuitive.

    I don’t aim to be coveted by the richest people in the world, although my art has been purchased by some pretty rich and famous people. My preference is to make an impact, communicate with others and spread a message that confidence and kindness CAN go hand in hand. And since that’s my ultimate goal, above all, my challenges were first about how to gain, and now about how to sustain mass appeal.

    But, don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep in my own control some things that have a little more exclusivity. That’s why I worked super hard from the outset to tap into a variety of revenue producing channels.

    That’s also why I work day and night. I barely sleep because my mind is in overdrive. I am compelled to create…not just art, but ideas. And that’s why I constantly juggle a myriad of projects that:

    1. Hold my interest (like the new surfboard project)

    2. Keep my street cred (like Bong Spirit Vodka or the Hotel Des Arts),

    3. Are made here in the Sugarluxe Studio (never sourced) and sold to boutiques,

    4. And I always heavily consider every opportunity to work with manufacturers whose product profiles are synergistic with Sugarluxe Art.

    I agree though. It’s not right for everyone. Not every brand, art style, concept or patent is best served in the hands of major manufacturers.

    Very few people know this about me because I do keep most of my business deals pretty private…but I turned down a HUGE opportunity in 2006 to work with the former CEO of Wal-Mart (his team was forecasting $20 million in revenue for Sugarluxe in 2007 with that deal). But I didn’t want it. It wasn’t right for me on many levels (and maybe one day I will share the true tale of how that whole situation almost sucked the life out of me).

    But anyway…

    I can’t promote that what is right for me is right for every other artist or business, but I can reveal this for those who are intrigued by my approach:

    It’s all about DIVERSIFICATION!

    Do private commissions (I do and I love that work).
    Create one of kind products and sell to small shops.
    And if your work resonates on a mass scale and you can negotiate a deal to get into big box (well then, to me, that’s like getting national PR coverage and getting paid for it, to boot).

    So, that’s how I reconcile the difference between my inner-artist and my outer-shopaholic.

    I hope this is somewhat enlightening!

    BTW – You are welcome to come to my studio any time you’re in the area. It is so much fun, I love being here every day. It has the BEST creative energy of any place I’ve ever worked.

    Thanks again for your very thought-provoking comments. I love it!

  7. hannah says:

    i like this post. ive recently got into sewing and crafting and making tshirt quilts (ya know from my facebook album!) and ive gotten several requests from friends and am thinking about starting a side business just to make a little extra money plus it gives me practice and i like doing it!

    thanks for sharing your wisdom =]]]..keep it coming! its always nice to have a role model/friend to look up to!

    hannah’s last blog confused…


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